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Legal Stuff
« on: August 16, 2011, 04:45:21 PM »
To answer all questions once and for all, I am making this topic now.

1. ARC is free Open Source software, based on the Open Source game engine April. Using ARC for any purpose is completely free of charge. No limitations apply to this. You only have to give credit to "Advanced RPG Creator" in your software. ARC gives credit to April and the other components used. You don't have to give credit for any of those components specifically, except if you are using them independently and not as a part of ARC.

2. The ARC RTP "Standard" is free of charge as well. You can use the resources in "Standard" in any other engine or for any other purpose. You only have to credit to "Advanced RPG Creator - Run Time Package: Standard".

3. If you want to sell your game, we want no part in this. Conceptually ARC is designed to emulate a lot of features of the already existing RPG Maker XP. We are not responsible for what you do with the engine and how you use it. If you want to use anything RMXP related in ARC (such as RTP scripts, graphics or audio), you have to make sure with Enterbrain that you are actually allowed to do so.

4. The RTP is free, regardless of ARC itself. If you use the RTP, you are required to credit the RTP. The RTP itself credits the people that have contributed to the RTP. If you contribute to the RTP, you accept the terms to be credited through the RTP rather than personally. You do not waive any rights or copyrights, you only give the RTP permission to contain your work and allow others to use your work in their games and credit you through the RTP with no compensation, regardless of whether the game is sold commercially or not, because the RTP is free.

5. ARC is a set of editor and engine that allow you to create 2D RPG games. It is not intended for other types of games, but it also does not limit or prohibit the usage for other purposes than the intended one.

6. ARC is licensed under the BSD license. That basically means that ARC is provided "AS IS" and comes without any warranty whatsoever, you use it at your own risk and you have to credit ARC if you use it. That's it.
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