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Pokemon Remexos: Server ON and Server Rules
« on: March 25, 2013, 02:12:29 PM »
Player Rules
InGame Rules for Pokemon Remexos

1. Introduction:
All players must follow these rules while playing on the Pokemon Remexos server.

2. No harm the server:
A player must not in any way try to harm the server,or ask anyone else to do so.Doing this will result in an instant and permanent account ban.

3. No bug exploiting:
A player must not abuse a bug. If a player encounters a bug,they should rather report it than abusing it.This can lead to a permenant ban. Also, to all users who participate in the betatest and reports bugs will be given a starter pokemon of any generation in the official version of the game.

4. No hacking:
Hacking and cheating is strictly prohibited. Any kind of program that modifies the normal way of gameplay is considered a hack.This includes bots. Breaking this rule will lead to a permanent ban.

5. No Staff Disrespect:
A player must respect game masters. A game master is as polite to the player,as the player is to the game master. The GM can decide what to do if a player is offensive to them.

6. No others players Disrespect:
All players should stay as polite as possible. Insulting other players is not allowed,and immature language will also be taken actions against.

7. No more than one account:
Players cannot create more than a account per ip, except for exceptional cases that need to be informed to the GMs.

8. No Account Trading:
No player may share or trade thier account information with another player.This will result in a permenant ban.

9. No special character names:
All names when making a login name and character name must be in plain English.Please do not use alternate lettering to make character names.

10. No posing as a staff member:
Pretending to be Admin or GM is a big will be instantly banned with no warning. This includes have a player name similar to a GM name.

11. No Advertisement:
Do not announce other server names anywhere, be it via whisper, guild chat or any global channels. Do not mention their names even for the sake of comparisons or criticizing. Advertising other servers, sites, etc. is highly forbidden.

12. No Flooding:
Flooding the screen is against the rules. Flooding is when you type long lines of nonsense, or repeat the same thing over and over. It makes it hard for other players to have fun, so don't flood the chat rooms.

All rules that apply to the game apply to the forums.If the forum admin chooses your posts are unfit to remain on the forums and are deleted,you are still accountable for your actions there.Any misconduct on the forums will have your forum account and or I.P. banned as well.

Have fun and enjoy Pokemon Remexos Online!!
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