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[XP] Blinking Characters
« on: March 28, 2013, 01:30:32 PM »
Blinking Characters
Authors: mad.array
Version: 1.1
Type: Game_Character Add-On
Key Term: Environment Add-on


A script that automatically checks all Game_Events/Game_Characters to see if they have a blinking sprite and makes said events blink. Options can be changed to change blink rate and to force eyes open/closed.


  • Make people blink
  • Control how often they blink
  • Make certain events not blink at all or have their eyes closed or open for however long you like.

Since when do I do screenshots?


Scripty goodness below.


Place above Main, but below default scripts. To make characters blink you will need a graphic named the same as the normal character, but with the Suffix _Blink. So for Aluxes/Arshes/Default guy you would need the following:

001-Fighter01.png # The regular graphic.
001-Fighter_Blink.png # The blinking graphic.
(click to show/hide)

Again I'm using my favourite Event Control system, the Move Route. The blinking will work by default but if you want to refine the system then call a script command. You now have two options:


Use this to change how often the character/event blinks. There is a random factor involved so it won't be exact. By default, this is set to 80 frames (4 seconds), but feel free to change this to whatever you want.


There are technically five options for state, but you should only ever need to use two.

0 = Forced eyes open
3 = Forced eyes closed

So if you set up a Move Route for the player and had a script call with 'blink_set_state(3)' your player would be running around with their eyes wide shut until you changed it.


Aliases update in Game_Character, so will probably have conflicts with systems that alter the player graphic.

Credits and Thanks

  • Mine... all mine!

Author's Notes

For your convenience, here are some blinking sprites for the RTP charsets. Just place them in Graphics/Characters.
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