Author Topic: A sidenote for those that wish to read it  (Read 398 times)

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A sidenote for those that wish to read it
« on: October 04, 2015, 09:04:26 PM »
Hello, thanks for taking the time to read through what I have in mind for a game. Thaumatarge is not set to be released until the end of 2016 at the earliest, and even that is me being overly optimistic. However, this game aims to be a unique, fun, and catchy game, drawing upon elements of inspiration sources of all types, whether it be books I have reads, games I have played, and even other works of art such as drawings, paintings, and photography albums. Some elements are obvious and easily picked up on, such as the influence of the game Myst; there are certain books that you will find throughout the game that are a sort of portal, allowing you access to an alternate version of the land of Thaumatarge.

Oh, so you may be wondering, what does Thaumatarge actually mean? It's a word that was once used to describe a "worker of miracles or other wonders", and was sometimes used as a synonym for magician. The game, based on that little bit of knowledge, of course has an element of majick to it, though not majick in the traditional wand waving and spell casting manner. It is a bit more subtle than that, and far more complex. The player will have little interaction with the majick system, well, directly at least; it is a system that is easily influenced by outside parameters, such as the weapon you choose, profession you follow, and elements around you in your travels.

So, what of this brave new world? Well, for starters, it's an open world. What does that mean though? Ah, good questions. It's not 100% unguided, stumble around and do whatever you want. There are quests you can do, and there is a certain air about it that gives a sense of time, and some quests are time sensitive, or require you to travel to and from specific paces. Overall though, the game aims to give almost all control of decision making to the player themselves. As such, yes, it is at times it may have some errors that come up, as it is not possible to account for every possible outcome or action a player might take, without imposing some small restrictions here or there. For example, we may decide to not let you jump into a pit of lava, or have party members follow you into the ocean when they can't swim.

More information? Well, I can at least tell you fine ladies and gents that there will also be themes from popular fairy tales in the game, though, not the Disney versions you may know. I myself am personally a fan of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, and as such, you may want to expect some quests, scenery, and characters that are directly relevant to their stories..
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