Author Topic: Display names vs. usernames  (Read 3505 times)

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Display names vs. usernames
« on: January 25, 2008, 12:50:10 AM »
Those members have a different display name than username/login.

  • username aka earlier display name aka ... aka earlier display name current display name

  • fantasist Fantasist
  • Leon Leon_Westbrooke
  • seaniorsr Lost_Hope
  • kathi Kathis
  • TerreAqua Aqua
  • Photi NAMKCOR
  • Dark Angel Sion Caro Ru Lushe
  • shadonking Shadonking
  • mumerus Punn
  • Taharo aka MetaKnight Tazero
  • Susys Sally
  • Kingmunkey King Munkey
  • Calintz16438 Calintz
  • WcW aka Longfellow fugibo
  • Irockman1 Irock
  • yuukanna Yuukanna
  • Pyhankoski aka DesPKP Holyrapid
  • Sourseb This Side Backwards
  • Tsurara Sase
  • Nawm Magus
  • LinkyBoy15 Zexion
  • elementisland element
  • ForeverZero ForeverZer0
  • dwellercoc Dweller
  • poxysmash poxy
  • Branden aka Tuggernuts aka Colonel Blinx aka Archer Spaceman McConaughey
  • RatatatOG AliveDrive
  • storm Storm
  • shalaren metropolis Shalaren
  • Cait Sith Kett Shee
  • brandedsoul DigitalSoul
  • jragyn00 Jragyn
  • JanraeMendoza Hero92
  • game_guy gameus
  • Relinquished Loveless
  • cometstar Diamond Star

This topic was made so people can track display name changes. I will update it each time I change a display name. I or a Global Moderator am able to change your name. If you want your display name changed, PM me or someone on the Global Moderation staff.

Keep in mind that even upon display name change, you username/login will stay the same. That means you have to login with the same username as you always do.
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