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General Discussion / Re: See With Your Ears - Video
« Last post by KK20 on Today at 08:51:37 AM »
Couldn't you have made another DLL that handled callbacks?
General Discussion / Re: See With Your Ears - Video
« Last post by ForeverZer0 on Today at 07:10:17 AM »
Not long ago, I actually was dabbling back into Ruby and made a complete wrapper around the newest version of the FMOD low-level API, the modern version of the legacy FMODex. Well, not 100% complete, but complete as far as anything that would ever be used in a 2D game, including all the DSPs for effects, reverb, playback control, etc.

It was not specifically intended for RPG Maker, was built for compatibility for Ruby 1.9+, and relied heavily upon Fiddle for interop, which won't work with RM, but an older version of it before I upgraded used all Win32API calls. I only made the transition do to hitting a wall with delegates for callback functions, since Ruby has no mechanism for that in older versions, but everything else *should* be compatible. It's quite large, spread across a lot of .rb docs, but if anyone wants the old code to port over, they are welcome to it.
New Projects / MOVED: Rave Heart (Demo available)
« Last post by Blizzard on February 22, 2018, 09:58:16 AM »
New Projects / MOVED: Elf's Dairy (Completed)
« Last post by Blizzard on February 22, 2018, 09:57:05 AM »
Projects / Games / Elf's Dairy (Completed)
« Last post by Starmage on February 22, 2018, 09:29:13 AM »

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- A Short, simple and fun 2 hours long game
- Engaging strategic free turn based battles
- Simple story-line with themes about friendship, faith and determination
- Small but beautiful areas to discover
- Colorful and fun characters to get to know with

(click to show/hide)

I hope that you guys will enjoy the game as much as I did making it. ^_^
Script Requests / Re: Script Call for changing event graphic.
« Last post by RoseSkye on February 19, 2018, 08:11:16 AM »
Amazing! It works like a charm. Thanks~
Script Requests / Re: Script Call for changing event graphic.
« Last post by KK20 on February 19, 2018, 06:09:07 AM »
set_graphic is defined for Game_Actor objects. $game_player is a subclass of Game_Character, so it does not have access to that method. You could get around this by accessing $game_party.actors or $game_actors[ID] instead, but that gets pretty messy. Not to mention events (Game_Event objects) aren't even Game_Actors, so you'd be screwed there.

There really is no easy script call to do this. So you will need to add this somewhere
Code: [Select]
class Game_Character
  def set_graphic(character_name, character_hue)
    @character_name = character_name
    @character_hue = character_hue
which allows you to do the following script calls:
Code: [Select]
$game_player.set_graphic('001-Fighter01', 0)
Code: [Select]
$[1].set_graphic('002-Fighter02', 180)Granted with some line breaks in between since RMXP likes tiny textareas.
Script Requests / Script Call for changing event graphic.
« Last post by RoseSkye on February 19, 2018, 02:43:15 AM »
I tried searching the database and all I could find was @tile_id and set_graphic. Set graphic seems to give me errors while tile_id feels like it's for terrain. Can anyone give me an example call snippet for changing the in game graphic for events or player?

What I've tried -

$game_player.set_graphic('1139', 0, 2, 0)
$[2].set_graphic('1139', 0, 2, 0)

Awesome stuff Heretic, I've been using a majority of your scripts from this bundle in my project so far and love them.

Just a heads up, it seems there are two bugs was a bug with MMW when used in battle. The first one was when trying to position a message window over an enemy, I was getting "can't convert Fixnum into String" on line 1489, since it was checking for "abcd" first. This was my "fix" but idk if you'd do it a better way:

Code: [Select]
def reposition
    if $game_temp.in_battle
      if @float_id.is_a?(String) && "abcd".include?(@float_id) # must be between a and d
        @float_id = @float_id[0] - 97 # a = 0, b = 1, c = 2, d = 3
        if $scene.spriteset.actor_sprites[@float_id] == nil
          @tail.visible = false
        sprite = $scene.spriteset.actor_sprites[@float_id]
        @float_id -= 1 # account for, e.g., player entering 1 for index 0
        if $scene.spriteset.enemy_sprites[@float_id] == nil
          @tail.visible = false
        sprite = $scene.spriteset.enemy_sprites[@float_id]
#def reposition continues below...

The other thing I noticed was that it seems the message windows are not initially positioned above the battlers correctly until a second window is produced. I noticed this with both the actors and the enemies.

I'm not sure if this is a conflict with my battle system, though, so I can post more details regarding that if necessary.

Edit: Second one is on me. Totally a case for my battle system (SBS Tankentai). It was capturing the sprite's positions as they "entered" the battle, so putting in a 10 frame wait did the trick.
Projects / Games / Re: Rave Heart (Demo available)
« Last post by Starmage on February 16, 2018, 08:25:15 AM »

Hello guys! You may now download the new version of the demo which includes the following changes:

- New battle system: Battle Symphony + CATB by Yami and Battle engine by Yanfly (Good bye, Tankentai SBS :( )
Reasons: While the tankentai sbs of the demo combined the Mog-hunter's atb looked really amazing (to me, at least), it has lots of incompatibility issues that is just too much of a risk in making the game buggy and crash-y. So I had to let it go, even if it hurts. :( But, thankfully, there were talented scripters that I found who have created wonderful battle systems that are able to duplicate the side-view active time battle system that I wanted for the game. They may be simple, but they're very clean and there was a bug fix patch released for the system that is done by DoubleX. So I'll stick with this for now, and hopefully, there won't be any more serious incompatibility issues. :)

- New simpler and cleaner menu as well as some smooth improvements from "Maker Systems".

- Enhanced game camera work from "Maker Systems" for a smoother and immersive experience when exploring the galaxy of Xerxes.

- A few dialogue changes that includes rephrasings and typo fixes.

- Battle system now shows enemy's atb gauge.

- The ATB is no longer real-time, which means that you may now take your time selecting your decisions in battle without the risk of the enemy wrecking havoc on you.

- Intro scroll sequences have been made a lot faster to avoid unnecessary delays.

And that's all of the changes for this version of the demo. (As far as I can remember.)

Download Demo 1.5 here:
DEMO 1.5
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