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That seems to have worked! Thanks so much!
Not truly a fix but try insert this.

Code: [Select]
class Window_Base
  alias dispose_window_base_error_fix dispose
  def dispose
    dispose_window_base_error_fix unless disposed?
Thats the strange part, I'm not using any other scripts. Just the default system ones, and the ones I listed that I copied from your demo.
Okay, then lets take a look for Script Conflicts.

Hit CTRL + SHIFT + F (to search all scripts) and take a look for "class Window_Base" and see if any scripts that are NOT by me are in use.  Odds are, they are overwriting some stuff that my scripts added.  Then lets see what other scripts you have that also make changes to class Window_Base so we can find a possible conflict there.
I do have the SDK installed (copied the script from your demo).

These are the scripts I've copied from your demo, in order (I also copied all DLL files):
SDK - Character Update Fix
Heretic's Animation Speed
Heretics Modular Passable 1.0
Heretics Modular Collision Optimizer
Heretic's Loop Maps 1.01
Exclusion Elements
Autonomous Stutter BUGFIX
Pathfind (by ForeverZer0)
Lagless Path Finder 1.22
MMW - Heretic Version
MMW Addon - Easy Chests
Cat Addon - Auto Door Close
Move Straight
Heretics NPCs on Event Tiles
Heretics Diagonal Stairs Deluxe
Heretics Downhill Ice Deluxe
Heretics Restrict Bush Passage
Heretics Restrict Tile Passage
Heretics Hotfoot Tiles
Heretics Circular Sprite Motion
Heretics Mirror Movement
Heretics Vehicles
Heretics Moving Platforms
Heretic's Magic Compass
Heretic's Rotate, Zoom, Pendulum
Heretic's Advanced Camera System
Background Sound Playing?
Variable Prices SDK
Die on Map Screen
Super Event Sensor
Sensor Addon
Control Self Switches Anywhere
More Self-Switches - Gameus
Auto State Switches
Event Range Conditions - F0
Unlimited Page Conditions
Multiple Fogs - game_guy
Heretic's Cloud Altitude 2.3
Little Drago Wave
VXA Battle Backgrounds
Heretic's Lightning
Dynamic Lights - Kellessdee
Dynamic Sounds
Dynamic Sounds Patch
Ambient SFX
Heretic's Dynamic Lights
There may be a Dependency.

I've tried really hard to make sure that either additional scripts that are needed are well documented, or are not needed at all.

How many scripts do you have in use?

Also, I know the SDK really sucks, but do you have the SDK also installed?
Heretic thanks so much for this awesome collection!
I'm trying to use several of these scripts in a brand new project but when I try to access the menu in game I get the below error:

The scripts I have copied from your demo are all placed in the same order as your demo.
Resource Database / Re: Pandora's Box (MASSIVE Resource Collection)
« Last post by KK20 on August 18, 2017, 11:57:41 PM »
You can thank Dropbox for that.

Email F0 to get him to update the link. Or just suck it up and download the ZIP files.
Resource Database / Re: Pandora's Box (MASSIVE Resource Collection)
« Last post by heaven31415 on August 18, 2017, 11:49:52 PM »
Sorry for necroposting, but torrent link is not working anymore, is there any chance to make it work again?
Script Requests / Re: [Resolved][RMXP]How to Call Equip Window During Battle Phase
« Last post by KK20 on August 18, 2017, 08:57:30 PM »
It's not just the "dispose window" that discards the information. It's also the fact you're removing the instance stored in $scene variable from memory. In battle, $scene is an instance of Scene_Battle. When you do
Code: [Select]
$scene =
you're overwriting the Scene_Battle instance with Scene_Equip now. You're telling the program "I'm done with Scene_Battle. Remove it from memory." All the stuff outside of the scene's loop (disposing of windows) is then called to properly dispose its graphics so that they don't "bleed" into the next scene.

In RMVXA, they have a Scene_Manager class that keeps track of the order you go from one scene to the next, so I think it's possible to switch scenes without destroying the previous one. Can't recall.

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