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Custom Save File
Authors: various
Version: 1.0
Type: save file editor
Key Term: Title / Save / Load / GameOver Add-on


this script changes your extension/name to the one you desire


  • have your own custom savefile suchs as "Save.variouss" or anything else you want


screenshots of a save file is kinda boring...


not needed since its only for save files


(click to show/hide)


add the script in your script database and fill in the extension and filename

Credits and Thanks

  • Various

Author's Notes

i dont know if this is compatible with xp and vx , i dont own xp anymore so if someone tests and it works please tell me
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Today at 09:30:04 AM Kiwa: Hey Xuroth. me too! I play tons of MMOS.. they are what inspired me to discover this fantastic site...and they are also what keeps me from producing for this wonderful site. its a bit discouraging after you realize the work load you placed on your self even with all the included RMXP RTP and BABS RMOS and other scripts. 

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