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Started by SOTD, August 07, 2011, 12:45:07 pm

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Ok so I have blizz abs on rpg maker xp and whenever I create an event and then lets say the image I use for that event is tile set like part of a bridge the main character will no be able to walk over it why is this?


->So let me get this straight, you want to walk over the event?
If so, you just have to check the "Through" checkbox on the lower left of the event editor...

If you don't want to walk over it, uncheck the "Through" so it's solid again...

Hope I helped... :D

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That doesn't work the character doesn't walk on it like you would normally walk on a grass tile set


If it's passable in the tileset it'll be passable as an event, your best bet is to put down the tile normally on the map, and then put an event on top of that that is clear and can't be passed, or a use one of the clear tiles on the tileset as not passable, just make sure you don't accidentally use that in the wrong spot.
Your only other option is to make a character picture that has that tile as one of it's poses and then just use that.
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Ok, for a part of my game I want the character to walk down a ladder after an event. The problem is, that regardless of whether or not the event is on, in the abs system, the graphic for the ladder I put down isn't walkable. However, in the original RPG maker system, it works just fine. So I'm wondering if its something wrong with the ladder or abs. Btw I've tried putting the event (ladder) on through and it didn't work. If you need to see what's wrong, I can make a short video for an example. Thanks for any help.


It might be something to do with the old pixel movement.  The obvious way around it would be to put the actual tile under the event, and change the event to no graphic instead of a ladder.


If at all possible I would like to have the ladder appear because after the event it appears, but thank you for your suggestion. I'll try it out and see if it does the trick. Thanks :D