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Started by MarkHest, September 16, 2011, 01:57:54 pm

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There is only ONE puzzle i haven't managed to solve in this game.
That puzzle is THIS one:

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I have absolutely NO CLUE on how to solve this bastard.
It was 5 red arrows but only 3 red orbs.
4 Blue arrows but only 1 blue orb.
and so on...

Maybe the Cyan Orbs counts as a blue orb and purple orbs counts as a red orb but i don't wanna spend hours on this puzzle just to TRY and see if this is correct or not.

The puzzle seems almost impossible, even if that were the case :O.o:

Any help on how to actualy solve this puzzle? (I know it's generated randomly each time)


I have no experience doing this puzzle, but I would guess that the arrows are the color components of the orbs in their corresponding rows/columns.  There are 6 possible combinations:

Red+Red = Red
Blue+Blue = Blue
Green+Green = Green
Red+Blue = Purple
Blue+Green = Cyan
Green+Red = Yellow

The idea seems to be to match the orbs to the arrows.  For example, looking at the yellow orb in the top left, it is in the same row as a blue arrow and the same column as a green arrow.  Blue+green = Cyan, not yellow, so a Cyan orb should go there and that yellow orb should go some place else where there is a green and red arrow.


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winkio's got it right.
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Thanks winkio :)

Edit: This too hard! Curse you blizzard! xD