The Dream Journal

Started by MarkHest, September 28, 2011, 08:45:54 am

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You'll have to excuse my english in this story, I just woke up and i had to rush my typing so i didn't forget any important details.

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I reached lucidity in this dream. The dream in general was kind of dark in atmosphere though.
The parts I remember are me being in some sort of room that has a puzzle to it. It was a large stone room with no decorations in it. The only things that were there was a window in the furthest reach of the room that was put very high on the wall and had large prison bars on it. The other thing that was in the room was in the bottom right of the room (facing the entrance). It was a gap that most likely leads to a bottomless pit that you usually see in games. It has a bridge made of the floor of the room but the pits were on each side of the road. On the platform that existed when you had walked over the bridge was two large buttons that you had to step on to activate. You had to step on them in a specific order to solve the puzzle of the room. I solved it immediately without problem and walked over the bridge and towards the entrance. That's when I heard a horror kind of sound. I turned around and a large figure appeared as fast as the lightning strikes, grabbed me and dug its fangs into my neck.  The creature had the resemblance of a zombie or maybe even a kind of vampire but with a mouth and fangs like a wild beast. I pretty much felt the pressure in the neck when it bit me and it was so intense I actually woke up. After waking up I went back to sleep and started dreaming again. There was another time during this dream when I had dreamt of the exact same room and solved the same puzzle but a kind of victory fanfare was played when I solved the puzzle and the dream shifted before anything else happened. (Maybe I didn't actually solve the puzzle when the creature appeared and I got game over? (Hm...) Anyway, there were other parts of this dream. One were I was above a very deep ocean and climbing a boat of some sort. The main part I remember was the I was very afraid to drop my iPod and Cellphone in the water because it was so deep. After worrying for a while my dream shifted to me actually being on the bottom of the ocean floor. Before I was there I was worried that there was a lot of jellyfishes and disgusting sea grass that would constantly bother me but when I got there the ground was completely flat! I could see around me clear as I saw the day on the surface and I could breathe perfectly. The only problem was that I couldn't swim upwards because my shoes were dragging me downwards (It's very hard to swim with shoes on, you know...). Anyway, after being on the ocean floor for a bit I started seeing some small jellyfishes spread out everywhere but nowhere near me. The lighting of the place was awesome.
My dream shifter this part and I started becoming self-aware.  I think the thing with the ocean floor struck me kind of hard and I just thought: "Hey... wait a minute. This can't be real I'm breathing underwater!" That's when I was moved to a large grassy field with no obstacles and endless horizon in all directions and I started waking up inside of my dream. Just to make sure that I was actually dreaming I tested jumping up in the air and actually hovering  for a short time and it totally worked. That pretty much confirmed it for me, I was lucid dreaming, even though I wasn't in deep lucid state I was still lucid and I remembered it after waking up (not directly after I woke up but after a minute or two). So what did I do in my lucid dream? I'm not sure I remember. I remember it was nighttime and very dark. I tried taking control of my entire surrounding and feeling the things around me, and then I tried flying of course. Everything worked but I don't remember every single detail. Another thing I remember was when I had to look back at my hands to keep me from forgetting that I was actually dreaming so I didn't go back to a normal dream state. That's all for now!