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Started by Sacrifyx, November 02, 2011, 07:03:05 pm

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November 02, 2011, 07:03:05 pm Last Edit: November 05, 2011, 09:54:30 am by Sacrifyx
Link to the demo in just a sec, here's some background:

This takes place at the very end of this section of the main quest. The NPC in question has 6 event pages, all kick off properly except page 3. Here's how it works:
On page 2, he'll send you to look for someone. You go and find the guy, then have the option of moving to stage 2, or going back to NPC. If you go back to NPC, page 6 will kick off and you move to stage 2.

Again, after completion, you have the option of continuing or returning. If you return, page 5 kicks off and you move to stage 3.

After completion, same deal, page 4 kicks off and you go to stage 4.

After completion of the final stage, you have to return to NPC, but page 3 never kicks off. Tried rearranging the conditions, etc., just can't get the guy to talk. Note that at any point you complete more than one stage, the necessary event page has dialogue indicating your completion and the next step you need to take, if any.

You can complete the whole thing after he gives you the quest and only talk to him at the end which would kick off page 6 and contain all the necessary stuff to wrap up your business there.

If you prefer the long route, which would be talking to him at any point between starting and completing the quest line, you can only finish stage 4, and he'll stonewall you at that point.

If anyone would be so kind as to take a look, there's a small demo, load the save game, new game won't work as I've removed everything that isn't necessary to this exact point in the game, or pull it up in the editor and see if you can figure out where I went wrong.



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There is a key on your keyboard, I believe it says "enter", use it more often please.

You could have given some more information about the demo itself, like the name of the system ._.

If nobody has helped you once I get home, I'll have a look into it :)


Post was edited to make it easier to read. Your help will be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


I have taken a look at it and here's a couple of things I noticed:

1. On page 2 of the event you have a conditional branch with a switch called "QA session". The loop would have worked without the switch and branch. Not that it matters, but I thought I'd mention it.

2. On page 3 first thing I noticed was that you had a conditional branch with having the variable "Found body" = 4. This is already a conditional for the 3rd event page so it's another unnecessary branch.

As for your problem.
The conditionals of the pages were interfering with each other.
Before fixing it, even page 5 wouldn't run.

Here is a link to the fixed demo.


I've been trying to learn as I go, and this was like the 3rd major event I did and the most complex so far so the weird or otherwise unnecessary stuff you saw was the result of trial and error and jumping on the first thing that worked. For future reference, what exactly was it that was conflicting? I didn't have an issue getting page 5 to run in my test play, but I made some changes between the time I found page 3 not running and the time I posted the demo, so something may have gone wonky there. Again, thanks for the help, you're a lifesaver!


You're welcome :)

If you have a complex event like that one, you should make sure that either the pages are in the right order.

The priority is highest from right to left, ie: when page 3 requires a variable to be 4 or higher and page 4 requires the same variable to be 1 or higher, then page 4 will allways the one to be run, like was probably the problem in your case.

A second way solve to solve this problem is by making sure the finished pages will no longer interfere. This is how I fixed your event (by using the questline switches).

I hope that is enough to clear things up for you, if not, ask.

Good luck with your project :)