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Started by Vell, January 09, 2008, 03:12:29 pm

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so yeah, if you have an idea for an RPG but think it could be betterified, or if u don't wanna post it yet, but wanna see peoples views on it, post it here.

yeah, I'll be posting some here, as I come up with them on a hourly basis... but most i just toss out the window due to horrible plots and stuff.


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Here's a game I've been thinking about:

Title: God's Will
Background Story
Lucifer has spent the last 3,567 years plotting the "ultimate uprising," and the time is now...The fate of Earth's very existance rests on the shoulders of a former angel. Cast from heaven and stripped of holy stature. Now being soley mortal, a young man has a decision to make. Is it possible to repent for an action that has caused so much destuction?? Is redemption even plausible when you've threatened the lives of angels, and the life of "god" himself?? Can this young man dig within to find his lost soul and regain angelic nature in order to bring "Hell's Almighty" to his knees.....??

Whaddya think?
I'll add more tomorrow...*if I remember*


I love it actually I once had a game idea called Redemption of Bados he was an angel but he had black wings and he was exiled then had amnesia...:P but urs is better cos aint as cliche. Btw you should join Dragon Wings Calintz :P It's awesome Ulta came up with it


I looked at it, but I didn't read it fully yet, I'm going to bed, I'll look more at it 2morrow


I have to ask Fantasist is he still has that PM I sent him with the first idea of "Blood of the Gods". =/ That was a cool storyline. :D
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I have it, which reminds me, the 'Archive' function's not working in the IF forums. I tried a couple of times, but to no avail.
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yeah, I kinda got the idea for this thread from another Forum I go to.


Stuff about TLoL in common: ShowHide
At first I didn't think about the story of creation for TLoL, it came with time. First there were the Lexima Warriors, the Warriors of Death and the mysterious Chaos Warriors. Then I decided to make it go deeper, renamed the Guardians of Chaos. When I had ideas for TLoL 2 I decided The Guardians to be the origins of both sides, so I could make Lexima and Chaos be the "same" power and mix good and evil a bit more. Next thing was TLoL 3 where I decided to make the story have much bigger impact, a bigger one than TLoL, so I needed more "power", lol! That's when I decided that the hero in TLoL 2 won't be the Chosen One, but somebody who possesses almost the same power, just to postpone the appearance of Axmodeux. When I created Axmodeux, I needed a reason for him to want to destroy Chaos, stuff like "I AM PURE EVIL" is usually lame. So I made up the stuff with the Gods and the 2 creations. I didn't want to go further into the stuff with the Gods, though to leave space for more imagination.

My original idea for TLoL 3 was actually completely different and it sounds like a great idea for maybe TLoL 5.

Here's some stuff of the idea:
Originally there were 5 gods (3 male, 2 female) planned. Four gods of some alignment (I forgot what I made up, forgot the names as well) and one god (Lynx) who is the "god of the gods". Anyway, Lynx is the most powerful, as I said already, and created everything. The others did the minor work and control the universe, yet Lynx was still the head of all. Now comes the start of the mess: When the humans were created, one day a baby girl was born. She became a beautiful woman. Once while Lynx was travelling the universe, visiting a planet to see if everything is fine, he saw her and fell in love with her. Since he was a god and she human, this was an impossible relationship, yet Lynx insisted on seeing her. The other gods didn't like the situation as Lynx didn't "do his job" anymore, but spent all time with the woman. They decided to kill her. Lynx found out what they did and got fucking angry. As punishment he took all their godly powers from them. He was going to punish them more, but it was too much for him. He was weakened, he couldn't keep that "curse" up, so his soul had to fall into a deep sleep to sustain it. The other gods were were damned to wander the universe with limited power. They were still powerful beings, but not even close to being a god. Lynx told them before he fell into the sleep the for 900 years he will rest and then return to finish what he began. (That's about the time between TLoL 2 and TLoL 3 right now, 900 years pass after Vortex seals away Lexima, so the Chosen One can claim that power.)
So, 900 year have passed and Lynx's soul was reborn in a young man (the game would have started here, you play that guy). Of course, as player, you have no idea about what's up. The hero is a traveller "without home" and one day as he's shopping in a city to continue his journey for "his purpose in life", the city would be attacked by one of the gods. That's right: The gods know that the soul of Lynx is in a human body and have to find and destroy him before Lynx can awaken. It's true, his awakening would give them back their full power, but Lynx's power as well and since he's stronger than they are, it's better for them to kill Lynx while weakened and never regain their full power than being killed. And that's how the adventure starts. And so the hero starts believing that this is his purpose: He has to defeat the powerful beings who are destroying the planet. Of course, he doesn't know at first that there are more than one.

Now, during the story the hero would meet a girl whom he will really like a lot. She would travel with him in order to battle the gods. When fighting that first god and almost defeating him, another one would appear to his aid and recognize the power from the hero: He has Lynx's soul. She would quickly bring the heroes down and escape with the other god. After another victorious battle against that god the other three will appear all. They will gather all their powers to destroy the hero and Lynx's soul, but this would fail... That girl the hero liked a lot would like save him and die. This will trigger the hero's memories of former times. His infinite anger would reawaken Lynx's soul and also release the other gods' powers. You can imagine what freakin' awesome scene that would make. There was more, but I can't remember any exact details anymore. Lynx would try to find the gods and destroy them. Since they are weaker and so on, I thought about them doing something to power them up, blahblahblah. That's why I first named it "Blood of the Gods", but after I completely changed the story and connected it more with the original idea of Lexima, I had to change it. But when I made up the other story, that title was still fitting. I mean the Chosen One is a descendant of Vortex, hence "Blood of the Gods".

Anyway, this was originally a PM for Fantasist, I only fixed a few typos. What do you guys think?
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it's awesome.........................................
really is :)


Humanity Sect 77 The Intelligent.

in this day and age humanity believes foolish actions are just. they will soon attempt to control and rule earth. there 'incredible' technology will eventually have the powers to make them gods if they obtain the necessary knowledge.

we will not allow that.

we have broken free of humanity.

we are now... Humanity Sect 77 The Intelligent. we will do anything within our power to strike down humanities technology. we won't let them have Earth in the palm of the corrupted hand, a hand twisted with lies, greed, lust, lust for power, hatred, and a utter lack of caring.

psychopaths run the government.

more are born each day, yet they are not dealt with. even more walk the streets daily, in there big business suits, killing entire companies and small stocks instead of people, there illness affects them against there competitors, not against the average joe.

we will stop these people.

*will finish later*


sounds like a technology vs nature thing like in Neverwinter Nights games sounds pretty good :)


Guys, i have a idea on making a RPG regarding a story
of Global Warming.
You guys have any idea what the storyline?
Heres what we need:


For now its the most important.
But i need your reply's concerning these ideas.


shouldnt this go in the 'RPG Ideas Thread'?


Merge it then, my mod. :3
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Quote from: winkioI do not speak to bricks, either as individuals or in wall form.

Quote from: Barney StinsonWhen I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.



There's a button at the bottom that says "Merge Topics". Simply click on it and mess around.
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Quote from: winkioI do not speak to bricks, either as individuals or in wall form.

Quote from: Barney StinsonWhen I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead. True story.


WOOT I FIGURED IT OUT! i tried to figure it out alstr night, but to no avail.



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Project Humanity Cross


it w as two years ago.

scientists were supposedly developing a way for humans to auto-adapt instantly to certain terrains. a way to, suddenly change, to survive in harsh conditions. in a sense, a way for humans to develop whatever needed to live underwater, or survive in a desert without overheating, or dehydrating.

the public awaited the invention, and the rich funded it. it was too save the world, the scientists proclaimed. they were going to make it so humanity no longer needed to fear the hot, or the cold, energy would be saved, humans would simply Auto-Adapt to everything. no heat would be required during the winters, no air conditioning needed in the summers, and people would live, in the ocean.

it was all a lie. the day the scientists were to unveil the finished results, a year ago, they sent crazed, insane, and out-of-control humans, infected with what would soon be called the 'Adaptation Virus', to attack, and siege, many of the worlds' cities, and countries.

the armies and governments managed to suppress them.

after this, it was said the scientists were forced to do this, by an unnamed nation. this wasnt true, it was another lie, however, the scientists were allowed to continue there research and development.

six months ago.

soldiers had been posted by every nation and country in the scientists' lab. however, despite the stunnignly large military force, five 'experiments' escaped.

one of the soldiers reported that, instead of looking like a human adapted to living somewhere normally difficult to inhabit, it looked like a cross.

a cross, between a human, an animal, and an element.

six months have passed since then.

the experiments have been unheard of.

the scientists are abot to unveil, there second round of experiments, in a few months.


we, are these five. we escaped from PsyFen's lab, and we each are trying to live, we work together, we stay together, a pack. a pride. a pod. a flock. whatever. none of us want to die. none of us want to continue being experimented on. none of us enjoyed being one of PsyFen's labrats.

so we stood by eachother.

we came up with our own title.

we, are the Estes. the group of five Escapees. we were early stage. our 'edits' were minor.

we must stop PsyFen.

I, am your leader.

I, decided to call myself, Rukis.

we will do all we can to prevent another Adaptation Virus assault to be launched.

we will prevent the PsyFen's lackies from being unveiled.

in whatever way we can.



I am so starting this.


Ellyria... a world without a creature to its name. A lush, fertile planet void of fauna. Trees in abundance, bushes that towered. A planet covered entirely throughout with jungles, intermittent with the deserts and grasslands. Why is this world so important? Home has died. When the Sun began showing signs of undergoing an early supernova - something scientifically difficult to accept - Earth had to be abandoned.

When humanity escaped, many were surprised to discover that outside our solar system was another threat looming above them. Strange, spider-like creatures existed in the emptiness of space, so large as to be able to devour a spaceship. Two androids, known as the Liel sisters were instrumental in keeping humanity alive. Their creator was never discovered. The sisters believe he died on earth. They do not recall him, but have the task of helping humanity survive.

The Coreship is the flagship of humanity's evacuation fleet. Only it and three other ships survived the Ixi attack. The threat is either eliminated or held back for the time, as nothing has revealed itself. More, Ellyria has a strange effect. Upon landing and settling, people slowly abandoned the vast technology they'd developed from earth, leaving it more and more in the Liel sisters' care. They began to revert to older times, again taking up the sword. Ellyria is much larger than Earth was and though a few thousand years have passed, humanity remains forced into a vegetarian diet.

Their history is forgotten. Knowledge of Earth and its technologies have vanished. Ellyria is home, now. A curious event, but what's more curious is that in place of technology, Ellyrian humans began developing an impossibility - magic. Having put themselves in stasis with a computer set to awaken them in the case of unexpected changes, the android sisters begin to observe this phenomenon. It appears to be natural, so why did it never happen on earth?

You are humans of Ellyria, a small patrol destined to great things. You all have standard issue armor and weaponry, and some of you may be wizards. All of Ellyria worship the Guardian Spirits Tella and Celia, the two goddesses who delivered the people from a harsh world. It is stated that rescuing humanity was a gravely difficult task that cost the goddesses much of their power. Unable to protect their people in this new environment, they instead began to rest, trusting their charges to care for themselves.

And you have. Boats haven't been developed yet, but on the continent humanity was put in is plenty of space. Five countries sprung up on it alone. Verra, Fragia, Dentone, Allus and Svistia. War is uncommon, but prepared for. The various militaries tend to spend their time policing within their own borders, trade flowing freely among them. However, when a priest of Lielism senses that the goddesses have awoken, it begins stirring grim tides in Allus.

Allus has separated the Lielists from its government, something thought blasphemous in other countries. Moreover, the support for the move has dwindled with time, despite the government enforcing it. It is on the path to leading to civil war. Religious zealots from other nations flood Allus's streets, demanding that the government accept the goddesses. With them awakened, things must change! So the Lielists think.

But they don't know the goddesses are as mortal as they, nor do they know that, yes they are awakened but they are observing, not acting. That will change soon, however. Your patrol is within Allus, only four or five soldiers, and you travel Allus's lands righting wrongs you see. Good luck.

:I I'm tired of all the rps here failing. Would anybody seriously be interested in doing an RP like this? One descended from sci-fi into fantasy, with the intent that later on the two would blend? more importantly, would you be able to promise activity within it? I don't want just another doomed RP, so I'm only posting this here in the idea thread so far.


Its...its...beautiful...I would join you, good sir.


I've got about a thousand different variations on ideas for using Celia and Tella Liel. They've evolved from characters designed for a fanfic to being original characters with their own world now. It's more of a universe than a world, but hey.