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Started by Vell, January 09, 2008, 03:12:29 pm

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Ellyria... a world without a creature to its name. A lush, fertile planet void of fauna. Trees in abundance, bushes that towered. A planet covered entirely throughout with jungles, intermittent with the deserts and grasslands. Why is this world so important? Home has died. When the Sun began showing signs of undergoing an early supernova - something scientifically difficult to accept - Earth had to be abandoned.

When humanity escaped, many were surprised to discover that outside our solar system was another threat looming above them. Strange, spider-like creatures existed in the emptiness of space, so large as to be able to devour a spaceship. Two androids, known as the Liel sisters were instrumental in keeping humanity alive. Their creator was never discovered. The sisters believe he died on earth. They do not recall him, but have the task of helping humanity survive.

The Coreship is the flagship of humanity's evacuation fleet. Only it and three other ships survived the Ixi attack. The threat is either eliminated or held back for the time, as nothing has revealed itself. More, Ellyria has a strange effect. Upon landing and settling, people slowly abandoned the vast technology they'd developed from earth, leaving it more and more in the Liel sisters' care. They began to revert to older times, again taking up the sword. Ellyria is much larger than Earth was and though a few thousand years have passed, humanity remains forced into a vegetarian diet.

Their history is forgotten. Knowledge of Earth and its technologies have vanished. Ellyria is home, now. A curious event, but what's more curious is that in place of technology, Ellyrian humans began developing an impossibility - magic. Having put themselves in stasis with a computer set to awaken them in the case of unexpected changes, the android sisters begin to observe this phenomenon. It appears to be natural, so why did it never happen on earth?

You are humans of Ellyria, a small patrol destined to great things. You all have standard issue armor and weaponry, and some of you may be wizards. All of Ellyria worship the Guardian Spirits Tella and Celia, the two goddesses who delivered the people from a harsh world. It is stated that rescuing humanity was a gravely difficult task that cost the goddesses much of their power. Unable to protect their people in this new environment, they instead began to rest, trusting their charges to care for themselves.

And you have. Boats haven't been developed yet, but on the continent humanity was put in is plenty of space. Five countries sprung up on it alone. Verra, Fragia, Dentone, Allus and Svistia. War is uncommon, but prepared for. The various militaries tend to spend their time policing within their own borders, trade flowing freely among them. However, when a priest of Lielism senses that the goddesses have awoken, it begins stirring grim tides in Allus.

Allus has separated the Lielists from its government, something thought blasphemous in other countries. Moreover, the support for the move has dwindled with time, despite the government enforcing it. It is on the path to leading to civil war. Religious zealots from other nations flood Allus's streets, demanding that the government accept the goddesses. With them awakened, things must change! So the Lielists think.

But they don't know the goddesses are as mortal as they, nor do they know that, yes they are awakened but they are observing, not acting. That will change soon, however. Your patrol is within Allus, only four or five soldiers, and you travel Allus's lands righting wrongs you see. Good luck.

:I I'm tired of all the rps here failing. Would anybody seriously be interested in doing an RP like this? One descended from sci-fi into fantasy, with the intent that later on the two would blend? more importantly, would you be able to promise activity within it? I don't want just another doomed RP, so I'm only posting this here in the idea thread so far.


Its...its...beautiful...I would join you, good sir.


I've got about a thousand different variations on ideas for using Celia and Tella Liel. They've evolved from characters designed for a fanfic to being original characters with their own world now. It's more of a universe than a world, but hey.