[XP] [VX] Script to help the translation of a project in multiple languages

Started by newold, November 07, 2011, 01:31:48 pm

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Authors: NEWOLD
Version: 1.0
Type: Script to help the translation of a project in multiple languages
Key Term: Message Add-on


This script is designed so you can keep the text that appears in your project in a separate text file, so you can quickly change the texts and / or put them in another language


  • The text file can have comments for a better understanding (comments start with #).

  • You can create very large messages (if message has more four lines, it be splitted in several messages of four lines each).

  • You can use the commands you use with the Message System you use.

  • You can use any type of ID (text / number) to identify the messages in the file lang.

  • You can translate any word in the database too ;)


No representative screen shots.


No demo at the moment. Sorry!


Scripts very long, you can download it from here:



  • Place the SCRIPT 1 on top.

  • Place the SCRIPT 2 under SCRIPT 1.

  • Only if you use the RPG Maker XP - Place the SCRIPT 3 over main script.

  • Only if you use the RPG Maker VX - Place the SCRIPT 4 over main script.

  • Place the SCRIPT 5 over main script.

  • Create a folder in your project folder and call it Lang.

  • Inside the folder Lang create a file with the name lang.ini

  • Open the file lang.ini with text editor and type in lang = eng

  • Create other file in Lang folder named as you put in file lang.ini ending in .lang (Ex: eng.lang).
    The structure of the text file is as follows: (ID::Text)

    1::Text 1
    # Comment 1
    ID Text2::Text 2
    3::Text 3 # Comment 2
    # Comment 3
    4:: Text 4, line 1
    Text 4, line 2
    Text4, line X
    1000000::Text 1000000

  • Create multiple files as above for each language.

  • Go to the initialize method of the script SCRIPT 1 and configured as specified in the same

  • Put the pictures of the flags in the Lang folder of your proyect

  • all Ready ;)

With a command Show Text in events, you can use now \lang[id Message] for show the message with that ID.

In database you can use now \lang[ID Text] in each fild name or comment


Found no compatibility issues.

Credits and Thanks

  • me ;)

Author's Notes

You can download a pack with two flags (English and Spanish flag) from here:

http://www.megaupload.com/?d=2KH57WWK or


Very nice idea. I am surprised I have never seen such a script, good job. ;)
I am done scripting for RMXP. I will likely not offer support for even my own scripts anymore, but feel free to ask on the forum, there are plenty of other talented scripters that can help you.


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