RPG Maker XP - "Cannot connect to Ntitle Server" Simple Solution!

Started by MarkHest, November 07, 2011, 03:27:01 pm

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      Hey there, whoever you are! :haha:
      There is one thing i've noticed when installing RMXP on sertain computers, i think it will only happen to Windows7 users but i am unsure about that. Anyways, you sometimes get an error when trying to registrate your Serial to the engine that say something like:
"Cannot connect to Ntitle server to obtain Serial data".
This was very frustrating as i chould no longer use RMXP after swiching computer and i searched google for a quick and easy solution.

I found two solutions.

  • 1: A very complicated solution that involves coding and patching.

  • 2: A simple solution that only takes a few clicks!

    I never tried the first option becous it was... just... way to messy for a person such as me, however the second option works like a charm! (It did for me at least, it may have different outcomes in different systems).

    Okay, here's for the solution!

    • First locate your RPGMXP folder! [The default folder location is usualy (C - Programs - Enterbrain - RMXP)

    • Right-click your RPGXP.exe and search for the line called something in the style of troubleshoot compatibility

    • Wait for the thingy to load until 2 choices appear. Press the recommended one(The one that says, run recommended settings... or something)

    • The program should now work fine everytime you open it!

    Simple wasn't it?
    For such an annoying problem to be solved with a few clicks on a mouse is mindblowing, especially if you've spent a few days trying to figure it out! :^_^':

    If this helped then Good Luck with your future RPG Making![/list][/list][/list]



    Oh.. i searched for it but didn't find it :^_^':

    Oh well. I guess this topic can be deleted then?