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An RP where there are no signups. To keep interest alive, characters can come and go as their player desires. Is there a plot? Yes. Or rather, there will be. >:3 You can do most anything you want in the confines of the world, however the world is undefined (to you) until it gets revealed. To that end, the RP will open up with certain information available to the PCs and they will be tasked with discovering it all for themselves. And somewhere along the way, a plot will develop. AND THEN YOU HAVE TO SAVE THE WORLD. Huzzah!

The town is called Lofty Heights. It is a town build on a hill and thus houses are smaller affairs, with the town itself spreading to the bottom of the hill. You begin in an Inn known as the Righteous Hope. Why is it called that? We don't know. BEGIN.

The world is fantastic in nature: Magic exists.


Dave woke up to a nightmare involving drowning in an acidic swamp. Once he settled down, he realized the source of his distress: the itchy and damp covers of the inn bed.
"So much for that good night's sleep" he thought, getting out of bed. Still in his pajamas, he went out to get some fresh air.

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Hehe, a hill-side town and the story starts at an inn. Reminds me of Mount Mirage :)
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