Galenia Dreams (Gameplay and Story Revamped)

Started by Xalas, May 31, 2008, 09:54:00 am

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hi! i managed to play the demo. didn't get the latest version, the one already took 4ever to dl. @_@

4 something that big of a space, i thought it would be long. but it's quite short...wonder what takes up all that space. *Looks in project* Oh. the audio. lol man, that's hefty...not every single music file was even used for the demo...:

The mapping wasn't bad, it was quite good though i couldnt open this one treasure chest in the first map. it was facing up, and it was at a deadend where you go south. sthe victory music scared the helloutta lol. XD

loved that voice actin'. i mean the voice thingie in the battle. don't have much else to say since the demo was short. ??? but good job! ^^

It was short because it was the wrong version I posted up the original is 30min long and its big because of the Mp3 's I know but I am trying to figure out how to protect my project so that no one can edit it or look into it.
still figuring out? I did this b4 on rmxp, but I don't think it works 4 audio. on the distrubute game disk option in rmxp there's a check box that says Encrypt game. tick that, and u should be good. :)

I did that but the only thing that appears is audio there isn't any startup Icon that allows you to play my game I am so lost.
wen encrypted only the audio cant do so. but thats a smallprice to pay and besides theres way of encrypting audio thru scripts or something lol. the reasonwhy there's no startup icon is cuz that when RMXP compiles it as a gamedisk it compresses everything. so the exe they make is a package like an installer. You put the destination directroy, and RMXP will extract. then the Game.exe thingie is ur startup icon ...hope i made sense... :-\



I speak for all of the staff when I say there have been complications, a new more bad-ass demo is in the works and almost complete! So Stay tuned!