[XP]The Insanity: Mind of the Condemned [Complete]

Started by tSwitch, June 20, 2008, 08:17:08 pm

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Quote from: Starrodkirby86 on October 28, 2008, 05:55:54 pm
Don't worry about the double post, you can double post in a 24-gap. :)

Woohoo, it's finally out! That's pretty great. :D I don't know if I would play it because of the current business I'm in, but this is pretty awesome. Don't know if I should revise my review...No, I shouldn't at the moment because that review was for A cold and bitter diagnosis, not for Mind of the Condemned...I like the lowercase subtitle better personally... ._.; Oh well, that doesn't matter! KUDOS NAMK!


it's pretty much the same game, with a conclusive ending, a few graphical updates, more skills, and easier difficulty levels to choose from.

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Congrats on a VERY good revisit I finally got the chance to play all they way through (took about two hours) and I must say for the length of the game it is very good. let see... ratings!

useing the GameSpots Rating system (by thing I mean what Game spot takes their numbers to mean.
10.0: Prime
    This exceedingly rare score refers to a game that is as perfect as a game can aspire to be at its time of release. Obviously, the constantly changing standards for technology and gameplay will probably make this game obsolete some day, but at its time of release, a game earning this score could not have been improved upon in any meaningful way.
9.0-9.5: Superb
    We absolutely recommend any game in this range, especially to fans of that particular genre. However, games that score in the 9 range are also typically well suited to new players. Games that earn 9s are naturally uncommon, and earn GameSpot's Editors' Choice Award for their outstanding quality.
8.0-8.5: Great
    This range refers to great games that are excellent in almost every way and whose few setbacks probably aren't too important. We highly recommend games in the upper half of this range, since they tend to be good enough to provide an enjoyable experience to fans of the particular genre and to new players alike.
7.0-7.5: Good
    A game within this range is good overall, and likely worth playing by fans of the particular genre or by those otherwise interested. While its strengths outweigh its weaknesses, a game that falls in this range tends to have noticeable faults.
6.0-6.5: Fair
    Games that earn 6-range ratings have certain good qualities but significant problems as well. These games may well be worth playing, but you should approach them with caution.
5.0-5.5: Mediocre
    A 5-range score refers to a game that's "merely average" in the negative sense. These games tend to have enough major weaknesses to considerably outweigh their strengths. There's probably a substantially better, similar game out there for you.
4.0-4.5: Poor
    Games that just don't work right and maybe didn't spend enough time in production tend to fall in to this category. They simply lack the cohesion and quality that make other games fun.
3.0-3.5: Bad
    You probably shouldn't get too close to a game in this range. Any of its positive qualities most likely serve only to make the rest of it seem even more disappointing.
2.0-2.5: Terrible
    Beware, for a game in this range is almost entirely devoid of any remotely decent or fully functional features.
1.0-1.5: Abysmal
    Ouch. The rare game that falls in this lowest-of-the-low range has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Don't play this game. )

Your game Ranks an 8.5! good Job Man!
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