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Started by thephantom, December 24, 2011, 02:00:43 am

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Free, Online, Web-based, Flash, 8-bit styled RPG

Rpg Legend is under development and is being created using ActionScript3 (Flash) and will be playable within your web browser. The game uses RPG Maker resources and can also use animated flash files for even more flexiablity. I am designing the game engine myself, and each week I am adding new features. The playable beta version is slated to be completed sometime in March 2012 (estimate).

Some of the great features planned for Rpg Legend include:
  • No downloads.
    You will be able to play Rpg Legend directly from your web browser. All you will need is the latest version of Flash installed.
  • Evolving, persistent world.
    The game world and locations will be updated in real time, allowing you to experience new content as you play. New locations are planned to be added on a monthly basis. Existing locations will evolve over time.
  • Free to play.
    Online features will be funded through banner advertisements and a cash shop to buy novelty and cosmetic items.
  • Five distinct playable classes.
    Players will be able to choose from 5 unique classes: Sage, Protector, Reaper, Geomancer, and Brawler.
  • Turn based battle system.
    Classic side view, turn based battle system, complete with enemy A.I. and unique battle mechanics.
  • Professions and crafting.
    All players will be able to create their own armor, items, and weapons with the materials they gather throughout the world.
  • Party system.
    Party with your friends to defeat hard bosses, fight other players, and quest together.
  • Online Economy.
    Trade and sell items to other players, post auctions and bid on other player's auctions, and mail items to other players.
  • Clans.
    Join player operated clans to gain additional bonuses and to easily find people to trade and party with

Since the game is being developed by a small team of people, with little money to fund this project, there will be some limitations. The biggest limitation is that this project will most likely not be an MMORPG. We may have to make it that when you play alone you will be isolated to your own little world. When you party with other players you will be isolated to your party. However, just because you won't see people on the map, doesn't mean you won't be able to interact with them. At all times you will be able to have access to the whole player base to sell items through the auction hall, trade items, and even start Player VS Player battles. Our goal is to allow more MMO-like features to be added to the game as the resources and funds allow.

Playable Classes:

Protector , Geomancer , Brawler , Sage, and Reaper .

Help needed!

RpgLegend needs people to help test the game, give suggestions and feedback. All you need to do is reply below and give your comments after you test things!

I also am looking for people to help me design the game and world. No programming experience needed. Such as: plot lines, quests, and mapping. The world will be growing on a monthly basis and having a dedicated team helping me grow the world will be a must. Let me know if you are interested in joining the development team.

Visit the Rpg Legend website:

Please take a moment to explore the game's website to learn more about Rpg Legend. If the project interests you at all, consider subscribing to the email newsletter, and signing up to the site and contributing your own ideas and suggestions.

I would love to hear your feedback, ideas and suggestions.

And please feel free to read and comment in this thread here on this site. I will be checking here often and updating you all on the latest development and progress.

Thank you for your support!

EDIT:  I edited out the links to the game's site, so I don't violate any advertising rules!

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If you're presenting a project, posting links isn't an offense. Please feel free to put them back up so we can check it out. I'd be more than happy to test out the game. The project definitely seems fun and something like I'd play.


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yes you can post links to your game ect. all you want so long as it's in a topic relevant to your game. it's blatant advertising for products or software that arn't connected to indie game development or advertising entire sites that is restricted to the advertising forum.

in any case this look like a promising project. I worked with action script a little. this was back when I was first learning to program. I made a asteroids like game in Actionscript 2. I was going to port it to actionscript 3 but at the time the event listeners that were used for key stroke detection threw me off. I could do it now if I had the time.
I no longer keep up with posts in the forum very well. If you have a question or comment, about my work, or in general I welcome PM's. if you make a post in one of my threads and I don't reply with in a day or two feel free to PM me and point it out to me.<br /><br />DropBox, the best free file syncing service there is.<br />


Well I have an entire site dedicated to the game.

Are you sure it is okay?
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Positive. We are part of the staff team after all. :3


Post updated to include linked content!

Sadly, the game is not playable yet to the public.  I am running tests on my local server here at home, which I turn off when I am not working on it.  You all are welcome to come and test it with me sometime, but for now, nothing is online for testing on the live site.

I would love to hear your feed back and comments though on what you see so far!
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I love the overall look of the site. However, I registered and I haven't yet received an activation email. Email is gameguy@chaos-project.com (already checked SPAM)


I am not sure what the problem is.  My mail gets sent to my gmail addresses.   Perhaps you have your mail server setup to block me, since you are using your own mail server @ your own domain.

I could force add approve your account, but then you wouldn't be able to receive any further emails either  :(
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This definitely looks interesting and I'll make sure to try this out when it's finished. If I remember to, that is; I tend to forget these kind of things...


Can you delete my account then and I'll use my gmail address.


Alrighty!  I deleted your account!

Also, thank you guys for your interest in the project! 

I do hope you check it out before its complete, it will be a long while before it will get to that point, haha.

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