2012 Resolutions/Goals

Started by G_G, December 31, 2011, 07:18:40 pm

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I have one new.

- Spend more time with friends, do some shit with them.
- Experience a halucinate drug


My goal is to not die on the 21st of December.

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Completely forgot about this topic and the goals that I had posted. What's funny is I've already started working towards these goals not realizing they were apart of my resolution.

Get into shape. Lose my chub and maybe get a bit of muscle tone.[/u]
I started working out roughly three weeks ago. I've already started losing the chub off of my stomach and I'm definitely a lot stronger than before. I'm definitely a lot more energetic and have a lot more stamina. I'm not so lethargic anymore, which is great. On top of working out, I've been eating healthier. I've completely removed soda from my diet; I can't stand drinking soda anymore. My arms are starting to shape up a bit. So this goal is well on its way.

Get a job and save up for a car.
I got a job for the summer. Well two actually. One as a dishwasher/cashier at the college I plan on going to. The second one I'll be working for my dad. He runs his own insulation business and he's offered me a pretty good wage, only issue is he doesn't always have work, which is why I picked up the dishwashing job. I'm going to start saving up and hopefully get a car by the end of the year.

Get rid of my outside school anti-social behavior.
I'm breaking out of this shell and damn does it feel good. Rather than wanting to come home and sleep after school, (which I still do on rough days) I usually end up hanging out with some friends for about an hour before coming home. Funnily enough, the last girl I expected to date, was my date for prom, and afterwards we started dating. She's definitely been some motivation for getting out of my slump and I've never been happier with myself. After I started this, I realized that I had a lot more friends then I thought, which also proves that I was somewhat anti-social at school and only hanging out with the people I felt most comfortable with. But just taking tiny steps outside my comfort zone is something thats proving to be better rather than bad.

Work towards being a better person towards my family and friends.
This is the only goal that really hasn't been worked on. I've been better towards friends, but as for my family, I haven't really attempted them to treat them any better than they've been treating me. My dad and I still butt heads more often then I'd like. My brother still drives me crazy and I still pick on him. Though that's typical family behavior I suppose. I just wish we could all get along just a bit better. Though I'm not gonna give up on it.

Quote from: game_guy on December 31, 2011, 07:18:40 pm
These are my goals for the year. This is what I hope to accomplish. I really feel 2012 will be one of the best years of my life. Only if I work towards it though. Which will require me to change my lifestyle and step outside my comfort zone.

2012 is already proving to be a wonderful year. I honestly feel I'm finally growing up and maturing as I should be and I've never been happier with myself than I am right now.