Building a PC

Started by Chaze007, March 08, 2012, 10:25:58 am

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So, I recently got my student loan, and have about half of it to use on a gaming rig [around $1000]
I'm debating if I should have it built for me on iBuypower, or build it myself.
I can buy a nice package at iBP, but a better one at newegg of course.
I'm kinda reluctant on building it from scratch, because if I do something wrong that's a HUGE waste.

My main points are
the NZXT phantom case
6-8 core AMD processor
AMD Radeon 6790 [it's a free upgrade on iBP from the 6770]
I wanna get an SSD, but they're pretty expensive as of now.

any ideas?
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My friend made a monster of a machine that can run two graphically intensive games on almost max settings at once without frying or visible slow-down. Why? Because he's a derp and is a rich kid, but he knows machines. I could ask him for some advice tonight if you want?


Sure, I know machines well enough's more of a labor and cost thing. I could buy all the pieces I'm paying these guys to build it for me, I'm just scared I'll do something wrong and BOOM lose it all D:, though it totals out around $800-$900 :#
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