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The only comic I follow is Party Plz, from a friend. Although I have read some comics, I tend to forget their names >8'D (after an entire day of reading from first to last, yeah). And then I'm like "DAMN, HOW WAS IT CALLED???".
Here's the link of Party Plz http://partyplz.smackjeeves.com/
It is about a fictional MMORPG. The main characters do stuff in there (like fighting bosses), and normally their situations involve common stuff lived by most MMORPG players. It updates one or two times a week...


Da-da! Update.

Three new comics today. (And a fourth one coming soon)

The first is actually three comics on one webpage and in one line. It's a narrative that changes focal points twice. It's Walky starts off as a webcomic about a guy in college with a group of friends and some aliens show up for humor - eventually that all changes and things get weird.

Shortpacked follows after and details the lives of a bunch of employees at a store named Shortpacked! and is a sequel to It's Walky. Some characters are brought over but mostly the weird things aren't really brought up very often. It's really geeky and expect to see a lot of transformers being brought up.

Dumbing of Age is a comic by the same guy that details the life of a bunch of college students. So far, everything's normal without any weird shit happening. Seems to be a complete alternate universe to Shortpacked and It's Walky, but with a lot of characters from both with very different histories in some cases.



So, Between Failures is a spice-of-life style webcomic. It details a bunch of guys who work in a toy store.


Five new webcomics added.



Nimona is a finished, somewhat short webcomic about a mad, evil genius and his new sidekick, a shapeshifter! The titular character is the sidekick. It's a fun romp.

Also, Vell's back! I mean, like, obviously.


Forgotten Order Is a webcomic about a dreaming doll and a fledgling half-human half-goat wizardling who sucks at magic. That's thebasic premise from what I can tell. It's short, unfinished, but the art is actually very well-done and stylised excellently, and there's at least the beginning hints of a plot developing! I think this one may take an eternity to get anywhere though, which is somewhat unfortunate.


Cucumber Quest is the quirky little story of bunnyboy Cucumber - a fledgling mage/wizard/whatever who really just wants to attend magic school - who is forced upon a quest as the LEGENDARY HERO to save the WORLD from the clutches of the TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE KNIGHT. It is somewhat a parody and enjoys poking fun at typical jrpg rules. The art is gorgeous, even if everyone is bunnies. It also has lesbians.


Spinerette is a webcomic based upon western comics and is set in a world highly reminiscient of our own. It's basically - and literally - a webcomic about a girl who gets turned into a superhero with spider powers - think spider man, but with six arms and buttsilk as opposed to handsilk. The world seems to basically be ours, but with supers of every type. They directly reference fictional superheroes in our world - like batman and spiderman and etc - and they're fictional there, too.

Love Not Found is a quirky little more-or-less nonsense tale set in a distant future where mankind has lost its touch with its fellow man. Most humans go about their entire lives never coming into physical contact with another human. Not even their own children. One day, a somewhat dim cafeteria worker has a accidental bump-in with a guy and he accidentally brushes against her somewhere, and this sends her on an adventure to make physical, loving contact with another person. She seeks love and intimacy, in a society where such words have lost their meaning. It's fairly inconsequential, and it updates sparsely, but it's an entertaining read.

Amya is basically a manga in webcomic form. The artist seems fairly talented, and the story is interesting if a bit predictable. It's not very far along in it plot and its been around for a few years, so I assume the creators want to drag it out. It's still worth picking up; it's decent fantasy, if you're into that.

Fragile Is another manga in webcomic form, although whereas Amya was shounen, this is pure, slice of life shoujo action. It follows a group of senior high school girls (In, I think, not japan?) who are basically just living lives. One girl, relatively unmotivated in life, is given the task by one friend of developing a hobby. Meanwhile, another girl suddenly moves into town. A few social blunders here, steadfast earnestness there and somewhere along the way a story is told. It actually does a decent job of keeping up with its, like, six or seven main characters, which can be hard, so props to them.

Todd Alison and the Petunia Violet is... I'm not entirely sure. The art's not the best and it doesn't really improve, but the characterisation is... while odd, intriguing. I don't know where it's supposed to be set, or if it's really supposed to be set in the real world or... really, anything. Mostly I'm just confused and I'm not sure I'm supposed to be. Ostensibly, it's about this Violet character who goes around bombing things in this city, and there's a woman named Petunia and a guy named Todd Alison, the latter of which is on a taskforce to catch Violet and the former is the sister of a wealthy politician who is above said taskforce but... I just don't know guys.

Solstoria is, sadly, a slow-updating webcomic. It's also fairly heavily influenced by manga, I believe, but it's got a somewhat unique spin on the art style at least, which makes it interesting. Or maybe it doesn't. I haven't kept up on my manga lately. It seems to just be starting its story arc, which is strange considering it's been a few years, but webcomics, man, what you gonna do?

That's all for now, and the first post was updated. I'm just glad to be all caught up on putting these in the thread.


Let me be the 69th comic contributor :P

Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
If you were like me who grew up with Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, this will bring you back on a nostalgia trip. It's an alternate universe that mainly focuses on the Powerpuff Girls (duh) but other characters from other shows make their cameos or have a pretty significant role (Dexter from Dexter's Laboratory and Samurai Jack for example). It's 10+ years in the making (you will notice the level of art change considerably).

The website it's hosted on has a few other good gems, particularly Sugar Bits and Grim Tales (which is also an alternate universe Cartoon Network + Nickelodeon thing but focuses on the 'Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy' show with plenty of OCs), both made/worked on by the same artist.

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oh, wow, those. I'm surprised they aren't in there, if they're not. Lemme check-see.

EDIT: Wow they're not. How is that? I'll update with those in there, bringing the count to 71.



The Boy Who Fell is a story of a boy who moves to a new school, falls off the rooftop and winds up dead. In Hell, he has to enter some kind of tournament to decide who among the participants is worthy of one wish from "Lord Devil." He is, of course, a human who has to survive in a world of demons.

More coming eventually. Maybe.

Spaceman McConaughey

I quite enjoy Blaster Nation. Slice of life type thing.


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Blindsprings has the most adorable art.

The story is good, too.

* Vell adds blaster nation, too.

* Vell realises half an hour later that Blaster Nation was already up there. Woops.

Spaceman McConaughey

Huh, didn't see it there when I linked it. Weird.


I didn't mention it in a post. Most of the early ones weren't, but it's in the list in the first post.


Alice Grove is a webcomic brought to you by the same guy who makes Questionable Content, uploads twice a week and is a sci fi / fantasy tale.

I have no other new comics at this time, but I seem to be hitting a kick of them, so maybe you can expect more sometime soon! yay!

odd thing about it is that the higher numbers are the -earlier- pages, so all the links just go to the main page, which shows the newest page. Sorry!