Trying to event a battle system help? (lol)

Started by Zexion, March 13, 2012, 01:33:26 am

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Okay so I'm trying to event a battle system using 1 script that handles poses and the rest by events.
Soo obviously I'm going to need to event "skills" I've already basically gotten an idea of how to do a basic attack. What I need to know is:

  • How would I create basic "missile" type events, where if the play shoots a "homing" fire ball it starts at the player, and moves towards the enemy.

    I've created a "lock-on" system that locks on to enemy1, then enemy2, then enemy 3, then boss (if applicable) so I would just do a conditional branch from players x, but how do i actually "move" the event to the enemy? Is there a function I don't know about

  • Strength. How would I make weapon strength and natural strength have an effect on the amount the player hits?

    So if the player touches the enemy and is attacking, it takes off X amount from enemy 1's health variable. BUT it doesn't matter whether you are level 1 or 99, you will always hit -1. So how would I change it *obviously a script call* to where the amount of damage is like 3 + players str *2? Not planning on allowing misses, so ATK doesn't matter.

  • Stunning. How would i make it so that if an enemy is hit, it is stunned for around 2 seconds, but once it is stunned twice in a row and is un-stunned afterwards, it could not be stunned again for about 5 seconds.

    I know, you can't soon feed me everything, but any help at all would be much appreaciated. Even just a simple discussion


im guessing your trying to make it an on map battle system? if so i would use an abs battle system, eventing it would way over complicate it and require LOTS of eventing, you can find one here on the forum called blizz abs, there are other ones to just google abs battle systems.

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I respect your attempt an eventing ABS. I, in fact, I am doing the same. I can answer 2 of your 3 questions. For the ranged attacks, try this...

Control Variable 1 = Player's Map Y
Control Variable 2 = Enemies Map Y
Conditional Branch Variable 1 = Variable 2
Comment : The above makes sure your Y axis is aligned. Now you are either left or right of him, on the same Y axis.
   Control Variable 1 = Player's Map X
   Control Variable 2 = Enemies Map X
   Control Variable 2 -=8
   Comment : Subtract 8 from Variable Enemies X. This means it is now 8 tiles to the left of where the enemy originally was.
   Conditional Branch Variable 1 (Greater than or equal to) Variable 2
   Comment : Lets assume your X is greater than.
   Control Variable 2 = Enemies Map X
   Conditional Branch Variable 1 (Less than or equal to) Variable 2
   Comment : Assuming that now you aren't greater than Var 2, you would HAVE to be 8 tiles or less from his left side. This is where you insert your attack. Such as a conditional button press or something and have it call a common event. It would then attack the enemy from a range. The enemy NEEDS to be a parallel process for this to work.

Just repeat the above to have him check all sides. If you need a complete detailed list of events doing this, just message me personally and I will gladly make you one. I would need to know how your attacks are set up though.

For the second question about strength... There are multiple ways to do this. If you have levels in your game, make the lvl = a variable, and every time you level the variable goes up by 1. In your attack, make it say that if the variable = 1 you only do 1 dmg. If the variable = 5 (meaning you are now level 5) you do 2 damage instead. Have this controlled by a condition controlling the variable. Str can be set up the exact same way, just link your strength to a variable. If your strength increases it can add to the LVL variable, or run off its own.

I am terribly sorry if I made any of this sound complicated, I am currently running on little sleep.
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Here is a link to a Zelda Starter Kit, the whole thing is event from what I remember. ABS with events, it might help lead you in the right way. Hope it helps


Thats exactly what i was using, but then i found a scripted ABS that has all the features I need :P