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(In dreams we seek fate in life)

Genre- Fantasy/Medieval
Platform- RMXP

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This is the history of our existence on this world for what we know.

In the beginning of the years this planet was filled with jungles, beautiful islands
and among other things people were living in peace and harmony, but everything
changes with time...

Greed started rising and lust for power was becoming clear on the lords of some legions.

Years passed and humans stupidity never ceased to end.

Wars kept on rising for any possible reason, power, wealth, women or in some cases
even for satisfaction!

What had the world turned into? Mindless slaughter? And for what?

Something had to be done to end that madness.. but who in their right mind would
have risked their life? The old Heroes were long forgotten there was no one left,
only hope and prayers.

It was year 1000, I have never seen so much violence and blasphemy as these past
years.. "Where are you divinities? Can't you give us any help?.. Please we need your
assistance or this world will end."

The divinities heard their suffering, they hoped people would redeem and bring back
peace and joy back to this world without their aid but they where wrong.

Losing hope they warned them for the last time of all the evil that was going on and
that there would have been serious consequences if they kept on ruining
this beautiful planet but they didn't stop and shortly afterwards a loud
frightening shout was heard which started shaking the whole world destroying all
the sinful realms and all people in them.

Some outside colonies were spared as they proved there could still be kindness in
some people's hearts, the world was given a chance to redeem it's sins and after
some time it could be again the beautiful place it used to be long ago.

The punishment was not the only consequence but the worst part was that while
the earth was shaking and people where dying the divinities yelled that the humanity
has failed them again and from that day onwards they would have not aided them again.
Now it was their problem if anything bad happened unless drastic changes where done,
only time could tell .

Years passed and wars seemed to have ended for the time being but for how long?

People prayed for the divinities help but no response was given they told them there
would have been consequences but people didn't care and so they suffered.

Towns have been rebuilt and small wars were visible again sadly some people never
learn but this time the divinities wouldn't have helped.

Now the fate of the world resides in the hands of humanity either for the good or for the bad,
only time will tell.

(Any Opinions on the story and Ideas would be great)

There is a total of 17 characters including yourself that can be found throughout the game and 3 beasts/pets that two of the characters get to have. (Starting with 1 and unlocking the rest throughout the main storyline or side quests. Using this specific character in team you must also have his partner in your team which takes a slot of another member and is controlled by the computer not yourself).

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Your main character which starts as a scout and throughout the main story and some side quest will have the option of changing classes (One particular class will make your character look different which is unlockable from a side quest). Marcus is just a normal boy who gets to live a simple life, he dreams for one day to go adventuring in the world outside and so he practises in the fields and sometimes fending off monsters that try to attack their small town.

Marcus and Bastion were friends when they were little but growing up made them go different routes making the 2 become less connected with each other. Bastion is a soldier in the army of the ruler of your region (Still no specific name) he is a good swordsman always trying his best to gain ranks within the army, sometimes even recklessly risking his life.

Hilary is an apprentice magician studied in the wizards guild but had to leave after her father died while defending his family from a bandit raid. The bandit raid made her family poor and risked on losing their house and fields.

She now practises alone at home while helping her mother and sister gaining some coins to maintain their property.

Leonard is a knight fighting for the order of the snake. (Can be changed in the future) For some people it's considered to be ruled by a king corrupted by greed and power. 

Leonard is a determined person and accomplishes any tasks given to him by his superiors. He doesn't talk much and has a fast temper when his comrades waste time drinking in bars or fail tasks given to them.

An elven knight which unlike most of her tribe doesn't judge a person by it's race. She's kind hearted but don't think she's fragile as she can kick your ass if you take her lightly. Fiona's duty is to protect her queen in order to maintain peace and harmony in their regions.

Throughout several battles, she earned several awards ranking her to knight which is not something usual for a female.

She's a lively person and likes to go running in the fields watching the sky and smelling flowers. Sophia is a beastkin (Can change) which are people that are half beast half human.

These people are often laughed at, insulted and even made rough jokes on them because they are not a pure race. Beastkins prefer to stay hidden deep in the forests where they are free to be who they want without people judging them. Sophia has a pin point eye sight making her a formidable archer and able to hunt beasts for food with no sweat.

A priest working in the order of the sun. (Can change) Joshua is a smart lad which spends most of his time in the cathedral reading books.

He has a natural talent in healing wounds although he gets dizzy with blood. He's a bit fragile but being a priest he has the ability on aiding his team making him a good ally to have around.

A rebel living with a group of bandits. Had no choice when she was little she makes a living robbing people and caravans off their valuables. Being with a group of bandits, she became agile and deadly a perfect combo for a thief.

Being abandoned as a child he grew up alone as a savage living in some cave on the mountains.

While his education is very poor with all that free time he had, he became very strong and brutal in battles! Having to defend his cave from beasts and bandits he learned a few tricks on beating even the toughest enemies. While it wasn't his choice of life, people are scared of him and call him Gremond the bone breaker.

A selfish rich boy that studied in the art of magic when he was young. He likes to make pranks to people with his magic.

He never shuts his mouth making him not welcome in clubs and this makes him do more bad deeds in town to attract attention. Many would want to smack his head with a rock but thanks to his studies he can fend well in fights with his magic skills so you better think twice before making a fight with him!

Alexander is a noble which spent most of his life studying with an old powerful guild of warmages that doesn't often train new people. These mages only teach their secret arts to the honest and kind hearted. Trained to defend the poor and helpless people, Alexander made it his goal in life to help any people in need while he adventures around the world seeking his true goal in this world.

Warmage is a secret art in which a person is trained in magic while also able to fend people when they get near making him a deadly enemy to have against.

A confused little boy, lost his memory when bandits raided his town. Timoty was taken hostage and now serves the bandits thinking they are his family.

Don't take him lightly because of his age, he has proved to be able to handle swords quite effectively, some thought he could have trained as a swordsman.

Bandits thought him the arts of being a theif making him unique among their tribe.

Not much is know of this person, he wears a mask and robe covering his identity. No one knows his true identity and he doesn't get along with anyone. He prefers to travel alone from town to town doing his business.

Another beastkin half wolf half human. These people are very agile fighters and are able to call for help from the wildlife getting an advantage over overconfident enemies if they fall in their traps.

A mercenary always seeking jobs to earn some coins for a living. Working in a circus in his childhood he is very proficient in taming wild animals and controlling them. He has a very fond relationship with animals and often brings along a beast as partner with him as extra help.

Not much is known of this person, he tends to stay together with his group. He prefers to stay hidden in the shadows. All is known are just rumours from people about a certain tribe called the order of the dark lord (Can change) in which is said they learn the dark arts which would make them a very dangerous enemy to have against if it were true.

Trained as a ninja he likes to mimic people in their fighting styles.

He is different from the people he hangs with which are often rumoured to be in the order of the dark lord, unlike the others he always have something to say and can't stay 5 minutes without saying a word which can make him annoying.

Proficient in stealth kills, he manages to effectively do sneaking tasks with ease.


And then there is the 3 beasts currently available in the game:

Drakni a tamed tiger (Axel starter pet), Fang (Rei's starter pet) a white wolf and Toca Taca (Unlockable) a strange beast from the seas.

Screen Shots
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An interior house.

A house during the night (Lights need to be fixed for the walls)

Wander into the woods and find new places.

A random place you can find into the woods (Will trigger a cutscene when near the place).

Another event found in the woods, also showing the tinting of the night.

The more you stay out in the night wandering in the wild the tinting will get darker (Will obviously add some light sources and a torch if you want to wander in the night)

Some catacombs.

An item shop.

The entrance of one of the mapped dungeons. (It's obvious which one)

Some random shot in the wilderness.

Another random shot near the town.

Storage room.

A Dungeon:
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And a picture of ingame to show you the atmosphere inside the caves.

Another Dungeon:
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And a screen of ingame with the new windowskin which frankly I prefer from the previous one:

Annnnnd yes, another Dungeon:
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And a preview of one of the rooms:

Custom Equip Screen:
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A slightly edited status screen by myself:
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A video showing all the custom/editted icons I have plus a small peak on the battle system:
(The sprites are being changed because they don't fit with the RTP style)

A video showing all the animations (90% of the enemies) I have for now:

- While there are classes they won't affect what you can or can't equip, (Excluding some rare or high tier items found later in the game.) so basically it's classless.

- Anyone can learn magic and same goes for weapon skills.

- Skills have requirements, thrust for example can't be done with an axe or hammer.

- While your free on equipping anything, weapons and even armours will give a passive effect giving bonuses and negatives to your states!

- Certain enemies need to be fought with a different tactic. (Currently some enemies can fly and melee weapons can't hit them, be sure to be well armed!)

- When you level you get some points to spend on your states how you desire. (Excluding pets, they level normally)

- The game is planned on being sandboxish BUT having a main storyline. (You won't be forced to do the storyline instantly but you'll need to do some parts of it in the future to unlock certain zones/skills/items/players.)

- I will be clear from the beginning, the storyline won't be one of the usual "You are some guy with mysterious powers and you and some random guys can beat the evil bully and save the world!" but will be with choices. (You will be free on being good, bad or even neutral till a certain point)

Choices throughout the game will make you risk some party members or even gain new ones among other things so be careful on what you do!

Feel free to criticise and/or offer some advices and share opinions. This project is in alpha mode but will try my best to finish it :)

Thanks for reading.
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Looks very nice, I love thew mapping, its obvious you put in a lot of time and attention to detail to it. :)

Hurry up and get a working demo out so we can add it to the projects section.
I look forward to seeing more! :D
I am done scripting for RMXP. I will likely not offer support for even my own scripts anymore, but feel free to ask on the forum, there are plenty of other talented scripters that can help you.


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Thanks :)

Still far away from a release but I'm planning to release a performance test demo in the future. (When I finish eventing the first town npcs with their daily routines which is a pain in the ass.) I have many big maps (The first outside map is 240x200), shadow script gives a little lag and having to use pathfind plus event trigger script to make the enemies only following you when xx squares far away will make people with old pcs/laptops have some problems. (Have specially 1 room in a dungeon with 50 parallel process events for each light but not a single fps drop on my pc so we'll see.)

I currently have nothing as story ingame at the time being because I started mapping first then started database, icons, enemies, some animations and now events. I still need to give a passive effect for wear heavy, light or cloth armour and still have to balance the enemies states. (I created the enemies in the database each having 4 abilities but didn't bother with the states lol.)

Currently have 4 working events (5 Including a dog which has something simple) and am testing another 2. After finishing the eventing process of the outside will have to event their routine inside too so I still require some more time. (And keep on "wasting" time playing video games. watching series like walking dead, vampire diaries, true blood, how I met your mother, big bang theory etc etc on pc or watching tv instead of making the events working :P)

Anyway back to testing.
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The first dungeon is impresive, want to explore it. You are a skilled mapper. Keep the hard workm ;)
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Hey look, a game that doesnt seem shitty. Those are rare. :3 Looks awesome to me.


i'll admit your mapping is good,very good. i love the tileset combo of the plains and cave.
keep this up,the game is looking really good.

My Blog site I am working on:


Thanks guys :shy:

I'll post more screens later today. (An updated version of the equip screen and some other places)

I'm having some little complications because of the anti event lag script. The script stops movement of events that are not on the screen, will see what I can do to find a solution.
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Quote from: Vexus on March 26, 2012, 05:59:58 am
Thanks guys :shy:

I'll post more screens later today. (An updated version of the equip screen and some other places)

I'm having some little complications because of the anti event lag script. The script stops movement of events that are not on the screen, will see what I can do to find a solution.

That's kind-a the whole idea of anti-lag scripts. You probably should be able to disable it for certain maps/events, though.


March 27, 2012, 11:20:21 am #8 Last Edit: March 27, 2012, 11:21:56 am by Vexus
Problem is I don't use small maps but big maps so I can't disable the anti lag script.

I'm trying to make npcs having stuff to do during the day to make the game more alive. The problem is with an anti lag script events don't conclude their movements unless I put them as parallel process which I could technically but the problem is if the player wanted to speak with an event that is walking in parallel process.

I can't simply put a text message in the event else it gets spammed lagging the whole thing. Maybe I could try using zer0's event priority script so when player is near and presses enter the event speaks.

Anyway I'll be posting some new screens later today in my first post.
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I believe that's how anti-lag scripts work; they make sure events that are outside of the screen don't get updated.


March 27, 2012, 05:05:51 pm #10 Last Edit: March 27, 2012, 05:20:55 pm by Vexus
Yeah I know that's the problem I'm kinda having with anti event script.

Anyway I'm putting new screenshots in my first post (And an updated screen of the equip screen).


I'm still deciding if I'm going to use the shadow script or not because while it makes the map much more nice it lowers performance a lot without an anti lag script (I have a gaming pc I don't want to know what it would do on some old pcs :P ) and that it has problems with priority and the only solution is to make events with pieces of the tiles instead of adding them normally.
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April 09, 2012, 07:37:16 am #11 Last Edit: April 09, 2012, 07:39:30 am by Vexus
Decided to remove the shadow script sadly. It has far too many conflictions which would make me waste a lot of time to make a work around (Priority issues the most.)

I'm slowly making the events and I kinda have every npc on the outside with a working routine apart of 3 children which I am doing now. After I finish the children's events I'll have to write on paper what each even does at xx time so I can put a parallel process event in each house to trigger their switches when the time passes while inside else when you would go out of a house into the map every event which for example had something at 18:00 pm would trigger when your outside.

I decided to switch anti event script now using one that let's me put an empty comment at the top of an event it will be able to proceed it's movement pattern without stopping if not on the screen. (Shame Blizzard script doesn't have this feature because it's better. I need some events to move when not on the screen so they complete their routines.) 

I posted the "final version" of the status screen and trying to find a way to change the opacity of my equip screen but it seems whatever I try it doesn't change. (The equip screen script is kinda confusing and the guy who helped me on it has studies to do so I didn't bother asking him.)
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please release a demo for this game. not many rmxp/rmvx games pique real interest with me, but this one does. i would love to play this game and give you real feedback. should you find the need for beta testers, let me know.



Next week hopefully I'll put a performance test demo up for anyone interested and I'll also test my project myself on an old laptop with specs:

1.5 Gb ram, dual core 2.2 Ghz and a crappy graphic card which I don't remember the name.

In the performance demo my intent is to see how fluent the client runs on people's pcs and to see if people can check graphic glitches, spelling mistakes, etc etc while they are trying it out. The 3 dungeons I posted pictures will be in the project but currently the hunted pirate ship 3rd floor puzzle is not complete so you can't go till the bottom. (I'll see if I'll fix it up before releasing the demo.)

There will be 2 npcs near a tree one giving all weapons available for now and the other the armour/accessories so you people can try them out. (The auto state is not complete yet because I keep forgetting, still need to make the light/heavy armour states and adding every weapon id in a script that gives them their status effect.)

Well that's it.
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Looks nice! I would change the Menu font because it requires some effort to read, use one that looks less like a handwriting?


I regret to inform I won't be able to release the demo this week as I haven't finished fixing the npc event's routine which is more time consuming than I thought.

(Have to put parallel process events in each house/dungeon 1st floor to turn switches on/off for every npc that has something happen at xx time when your still inside a house/dungeon else problems arise :/ )
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Love your maps, honestly, I seen many mappers but only some who can be counted with my fingers as good as you did. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see the demo

As for schedule, don't put too hard on yourself by deadlines, I would gladly wait for a good game to be released. Just take it easy and keep doing the game and enjoy the process, don't be feeling like forced or something.
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Hey thanks for the compliments but I'm afraid there won't be a demo any time soon as I paused the game as it was too frustrating to bug test alone :/

It's a shame really as it's the project I've put most work on mapping and drawing wise (Tough alive is going to surpass it in graphics pretty soon.) I've made/edited over 200 icons for weapons and icons, mapped 3 big dungeons and 1 huge ass map and 2 others that where in the works.

Heh I'm truly sorry but the project is paused for an indefinite amount of time.

Maybe I'll get interested in it again in the future and unpause it.
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