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Started by LiTTleDRAgo, April 13, 2012, 04:48:18 am

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April 13, 2012, 04:48:18 am Last Edit: September 10, 2016, 07:10:52 pm by LiTTleDRAgo
Fade Room Effect
Authors: LiTTleDRAgo
Version: 2.00
Type: Environment Add-on
Key Term: Environment Add-on


Screenshot explain everything


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That screenshot is from my game


XP Version

VX and VXA Version


Should be compatible with everything, even VX-Ace
however, this script is intended for room mapping in RMXP, it may be look weird in VX / VX-Ace

Credits and Thanks

  • LiTTleDRAgo

Author's Notes

Beware, this script is not for people with bad math
Enjoy ~





This script is nice I think I'll use it on my project.

I was wondering if you could answers some questions which are:

1 - Is it possible to increase the time it takes to fully shade the room?
2 - Is it possible to make the faded room effect "transparent" instead of a solid colour? (Think on making it darker instead of complete black or whatever colour you pick)


Also I'm kinda having a small problem, the fading on a specific room (Have tried it on 2 rooms for now.) is not finishing at the end of the grid line or boxes whatever you want to call it but goes over the last grid coordinate written.

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Am I doing something wrong?
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      mask[0].opacity = a[0] ? [a[1] - 16, 0].max : [a[1] + 8, 255].min }

1. change 16 and 8 to 5 or lower
2. change 255 to 200 or lower

3. this kind of complicated to explain with my broken english


May 11, 2012, 05:49:51 am #6 Last Edit: May 11, 2012, 07:17:59 am by Vexus
Thanks drago the work around works and having the faded rooms a little visible makes them more mysterious imo :)



When the line of code doesn't fit in 1 line the 2nd part of the comment gets ignored ingame :S (Trying to do the same method as your last post but with bigger numbers they take more space making it take 2 lines instead of fitting in 1 line.)

Anything to fix this?

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May 11, 2012, 09:31:05 am #8 Last Edit: May 11, 2012, 12:00:06 pm by Vexus
Say, I was wondering if I could have 2 brackets of the <{41,14,52,20}> part because I'm kinda making corridors and this specific room is like this:

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I have the first <{bla bla}> command to make the top left part of the room visible when I'm inside the room but I also need to make another <{bla bla}> so that the last room at the bottom right corner is not faded by the previous room when I enter the bottom room.

Not sure if anything can be done so I'm asking you if it's possible, else I'll edit the map so that the fading in the room doesn't interfere with the bottom right room.

(Been here for a few minutes trying to make some sense in the last few lines lol hopefully it's understandable.)


Btw I was wondering how do the doors open/close automatically in your demo?
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it's really difficult to explain with words

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if it's really confusing, copy your map to empty project with the tileset and upload it


script is updated to 1.10
better coding

@Vexus : sent to your PM


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Sorry for my little necropost, but i don't want to start new topic.
Has anyone try to use this script with Blizz-ABS? Because i have a problem with it - it acts strange and start to fade out not in the proper conditions. I tested without Blizz-ABS and it works perfectly.


@^ prpbably you have something that rewrite Spriteset_Map update
try reordering the script


I think the only problem is the pixel movement. Have you tried turning it off?

@littledrago: Adding Blizz-ABS pixel movement support is easy. If this turns out to be the issue, just look up in Blizz-ABS how $BlizzABS.pixel is used and apply that. You could also use Game_Character#real_x and Game_Character#real_y as those are unchanged in Blizz-ABS unlike Game_Character#x and Game_Character#y.
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Thank you, Blizzard. Changing Pixel Movement Rate to zero helped to solve my problem.


script updated, added support for blizz-abs pixel movement

btw, now that I think about it, I think it will be weird if used in room mapping on VX or VX-Ace


One thing: the color of square is always 40, 40, 40 no matter i do.



Wonderfull! Now everithing work fine! Thank you for your quick support.