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Pen & Paper RPG


Over ten years in the making and over 60 years of Gaming Experience, it is our goal to create the best and most trusted fan created Role-Playing Game Engine for Dragon Ball Z on the internet. We aim to establish an emotional connection and community with our player base around the world through our inspiring periodical. To support the growth of our publication through a thriving and numerous base of fans from all generations and ages. We have moved away from Chaos Project to our own social media page on Facebook! Unfortunately that means we aren't going to be keeping tabs on this forum anymore. We did have over 22k views here on CP, holy $h1t batman! That is amazing;and  we want to keep that momentum moving forward and improve our system, rules and mechanics. So join Us on our Facebook page and don't forget to share Us!

DBZ RPG Facebook Page



Dynamic D10 Battle System
Six unique races
Built in training routines
Signature Techniques
Four unique Talent Trees
Over 26 different Skills
Z-Soul Implication
And much more...

Created by: Andreavnn



As do I and my friends, we always want to play Pen & Paper games that no one has ever created or created well. So I began to make my own, this is my latest one. I also have a Aliens V. Predators and a Mech one, they both still need some more work.  :D


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I don't think you understand the expression "mfw".

I think tabletop games can be great for experienced groups of people, but in most groups they lose entertainment value for a number of reasons.  Some people don't care about the rules, some people take too long to make decisions and hold up the game, and it often degenerates into a boring drawn out mess.  That said, tabletop games come up with some of the coolest mechanics of the industry, and they are really fun to play when played right.


very well put.

i like the card examples in your spoiler. who did the artwork if you know?


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Yeah, table top games can go south really quickly if you don't play with the right people or GM. Thankfully our group has grown up together and we play well together. ;) It makes for a pretty fun every third Saturday of the month, especially when you are rolling dice pretending you are Final Flash'ing someone in the f**king face.  :evil:

@Calintz are far as layout and design I did that all myself, the images I found off Google. Most of them where rip off other sites and those from other sites, etc..etc...so I am not sure who made what. But I made some great finds with my Google-Fu.

*EDIT* And of course I edited and added some effects to the pictures too, but that hardly counts for anything.


great scott man you have to send me you pen and paper stuff,I play DnD with my friends all the time.

this would give us alot more things to do

(gets down on knees) I'm begging you please send them to me :)
especially the AvP one,that one sounds fun.

My Blog site I am working on: http://spoofus.weebly.com/


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Quote from: Spoofus on May 05, 2012, 01:40:11 am
great scott man you have to send me you pen and paper stuff,I play DnD with my friends all the time.

this would give us alot more things to do

(gets down on knees) I'm begging you please send them to me :)
especially the AvP one,that one sounds fun.

Of course I can do that, as soon as I am done rewriting DBZ I will get to work on the AVP one. The current version of DBZ has a lot of copy and paste errors and many other things. I will upload the new version 1.0 this weekend. Then I will start working on AVP. I will also take request if anyone has anything the would like?



@Spoofus: I didn't forget about you, I have been really busy I am still planning on working out AVP rules and my other systems. I can't give you a time frame, but I will get them to you.


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Quote from: Andreavnn on April 27, 2012, 01:45:53 pm

Pen & Paper RPG


Game Description

DRAGON BALL Z is a mystical action adventure game of riveting stories, driven by extraordinary characters that embody the essence of good and evil. It is a game is filled with magical moments of wonder that reveal the charm, humor, strengths, weaknesses and follies of the characters, adventurers, wise sages and diabolical villains that make up its casts of players.
The most unique aspect of the DragonBall Z universe is the DragonBalls. It is said that he who holds the seven crystal Dragon Balls will be granted one wish by the Eternal Dragon which is summoned by the gathering together all of the Balls. The wish may be for power, untold wealth, or immortality -- the possibilities are endless. However, he who seeks to have his wish granted is wise to choose his desire carefully, for once the wish is granted, the Dragon Balls are once again scattered to the four corners of the Earth, where they await the next determined wish seeker. There exists a rumor that there is another set of Dragon Balls. The original set that is even more powerful than the Earthly ones. The rumor suggests that the original Dragon Balls remain on the planet they were first created, Namek many, many years ago.


You have been asked by a friend of yours to play in a role-playing game, but you are hesitant to join because you do not really know what it is. Is it a cult? Will you become addicted, losing yourself in an imaginary world, or even worse? Does it carry a geek-laden social stigma where you can kiss your chances of "making it" with the opposite sex goodbye? The realistic answer is no.
Rest easy, role-playing games have hit the mainstream. Once solely the province of rebellious teenage nerds, adults and children alike now play RPGs. At last count, several million people in the US alone regularly play in RPGs. GenCon, the premiere gaming convention in the world, hosts tens of thousands of gamers, of which several thousand play exclusively in RPGs.
Now that we have established that neither your reputation nor your sex appeal will be negatively affected by playing in an RPG, we can continue with the practical details of the game.
The DragonBall Z Role-Playing Game is about acting out a story with your friends, where you make up the script as you go along! Depending on your preferences, it can be like a strategy game: carefully planning your moves and trying to become more powerful than your enemies can. Alternatively, it can be like a soap opera, with dramatic moments and a crazy cast of characters. It also has strong improv elements, like the TV show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (Moreover, sometimes is just as funny). Primarily, DragonBall Z RPGs is a regular social activity where you get together and have fun. The rest is up to your imagination.


Dynamic D12 Battle System
Six unique races
Built in training system
Signature Techniques
Four unique Talent Trees
Over 30 different Skills
More to come...

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DBZ Core

1.7 Coming Soon

Created by: Andreavnn

*EDIT* Update version 1.6 has been released



Huh. Didn't think i'd ever come across CP while browsing Reddit...


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Just gone over the latest version and would just like to say it is somewhat decent. Definitely better than other attempts I have seen.

I have just some questions.

1) Is damage value your damage dice pool or how much damage per success on a damage dice roll?

2) How do combination actions/attacks work? The book does not cover it.

3) Is it possible to perform more than one attack on your turn? So far, all I can gather is you have your standard action on your turn then the only extra attacks are counter actions.

4) Your devastated threshold is equal to your wounded value. Does this mean it equals 3/4 of your max HP by default?

5) With steadfast checks, do you make a single check and assign the result or do you do one for HP and one for KI?

6) With the +/- 3 bonus you gain in energy duels, do you need to use the full value or can you change the face value by 1 or 2?
6b) It says to compare actions charged and number of actions of character. Is it just the character with one of those, or can a character get bonus 6, or both characters getting bonus 3?

7) A rush costs 1 Ki to use. Is this on top of the 2 for a normal physical?

8) Can attributes and skills go higher than 5?

9) Do attributes/skills start at 0 or 1?

I may post more


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Thanks for the feedback. I will try to answer your questions for you. I am at work and on my phone. I also don't have the rulebook in front of me.

1. Damage Value is how much damage each success causes. Example; if you roll three successes and your damage Value is 5 you would cause 15 total damage. *EDIT* Page 20 "Damage"

2. Combination Actions/Attack is an older system and should have been completely removes from this version. Can you tell me what page it talks about it on. *EDIT* Page 18 under "Phyiscal Attack" ignore the last part of the about combination attacks.

3. Yes you can perform additonal actions during your turn. I am not sure what page, but you get a number of Actions per turn based on INT and Perception divided by two I think. Check the beginning of the combat section. Around the Initivative and Actions sections. *EDIT* Page 15 "Number of Actions"

4. Yes that is correct it is 3/4 of you Health Points.

5. You would roll a check for each.

6A. You can use the value anyway you see fit. +1 , -2 or +3, etc..

6B. You should just be comparing the number of Actions charged. Seems the might by a typo somewhere in there. I'll check it out.

7. Yes, it is an additional amount. The same goes for Haste too.

8. They can if you as a GM or group want them too.

9. Attributes start at one and Skills start at zero.

Hope that helps. Ask more please. Feedback is awesome!  *EDIT*   Add some page references for you too on my last break. Forgot I have a copy of my phone.  


That all helps a lot, thanks.

With the Arcosian ability Combat Chameleon, do you get the +1 face value bonus on any use of dragon rush or only when you use the option to increase face value?

Is the Arcosian Level 1 Racial Trait a cumulative bonus?

Are the skills Barrier and Resilience passive or do you need to use an action for them?

Also just a note, the book has a few instances where you seem to miss the end of a sentence.


1. Combat Chameleon, all dice gain +1 when rolled while using Dragon Rush. There isn't then option to gain +1 or not gain the +1. It is like a passive ability.

2. Brutal Assault is not cumulative, it is only a +1 to the pools of you keep attacking a target. *For the moment*

3. Yes are both passive skills, you will always gain them.

There are a lot of grammatical, clearical and structure issues. I know. Something I am hoping to work on soon. It comes from the consist changing to the system. Copy and paste errors, etc.


Have you considered mechanics for Kaio-Ken?
And outside of transformations and attacks, what else can Ki be spent on?


You can spend Ki on attacks, Transformations, charging which is part of attacking and Auras about it. Might work on additional system to spend Ki to increase stats temporary, but that leads into Kaio-Ken kinda of. Make it so only one stat can be increased at a time. Then Kaio-Ken would probably be some sort of signature technique in which you could increase more than one stat. Add an advantage that allows you to increase a stat and you would then purchase it a few times for each stat you want to increase when active. Add the disadvantage backblast or make each stat increase inflict damage each round due to the stress.


Well feel free not to use it but I have had a basic thought on how to implement thing.

Ki Boosting: As an action, spend Ki to increase an attribute for the round. The Ki cost is equal to the amount of dots the score will have after the boost. The upkeep cost is half this amount.

Kaio Ken: As an action, you may access the Kaio Ken technique for one round. Increase all attributes, Succes Rates, and Damage values by the multiplier declared. At the end of the round, roll a damage pool equal to the Multiplier+1. For each failure on the pool, you take 5 damage. You may negate an amount of dice per encounter equal to Stamina+Constitution.


I like those. Pretty unique spin on Kaio-ken. I might have to use those in the next edition.


^_^ Why thank you.
Kaio Ken is supposed to be a momentary boost. As Goku says "It lasts for a heart beat"/

And all I ask is a mention in the credits.

Of course feel free to adjust the numbers to fit a balance better



The issue I have with your Kaioken rules is that there is no "check" required to use the effect. Meaning a PL1 character could hypothetically boost his stats to ungodly amounts for a round, demolish a super powerful enemy, and THEN most likely be killed due to such a huge Kaioken multiplier.

Maybe a character needs to pass a CON test (+ a Skill to increase the Pool), and must make a number of successes equal to the Kaioken level desired (3 for x3, etc). If successful, the Character would then receive, for 1 Round, a +1 to all Damage Pools and Attack Pools? I think multiplying would be a bit OP, even making it more powerful than Super Saiyan! The Ki Cost could be 5x the Level of Kaioken desired?


The mechanics I posted were just the base idea. Balance based around exact numbers and cost to learn the technique and such still needs to be developed.
Although, A simple way to restrict it is that you need to purchase each level.

On top of that, it's not really smart to rely on winning in a single punch and if you die after that (win or lose), where is the fun?


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FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/DBZxRPG/


I like this, but I have a question. I see in Strength and Telekinesis, it shows you can lift some thing related to the dots, but I there is no indication as to what that weight is. Does five dots equal 1,000lbs? 10,000lbs?