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Started by Andreavnn, April 27, 2012, 01:45:53 pm

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^_^ Why thank you.
Kaio Ken is supposed to be a momentary boost. As Goku says "It lasts for a heart beat"/

And all I ask is a mention in the credits.

Of course feel free to adjust the numbers to fit a balance better



The issue I have with your Kaioken rules is that there is no "check" required to use the effect. Meaning a PL1 character could hypothetically boost his stats to ungodly amounts for a round, demolish a super powerful enemy, and THEN most likely be killed due to such a huge Kaioken multiplier.

Maybe a character needs to pass a CON test (+ a Skill to increase the Pool), and must make a number of successes equal to the Kaioken level desired (3 for x3, etc). If successful, the Character would then receive, for 1 Round, a +1 to all Damage Pools and Attack Pools? I think multiplying would be a bit OP, even making it more powerful than Super Saiyan! The Ki Cost could be 5x the Level of Kaioken desired?


The mechanics I posted were just the base idea. Balance based around exact numbers and cost to learn the technique and such still needs to be developed.
Although, A simple way to restrict it is that you need to purchase each level.

On top of that, it's not really smart to rely on winning in a single punch and if you die after that (win or lose), where is the fun?


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I like this, but I have a question. I see in Strength and Telekinesis, it shows you can lift some thing related to the dots, but I there is no indication as to what that weight is. Does five dots equal 1,000lbs? 10,000lbs?