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Version: 1.0
Type: Destroy Pots With Bombs For Money!


Grab those bombs and hold on to your seats - DADDY NEEDS A NEW PAIR OF SHOES!
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A lady asks you if you want to play BomberPot.  You say, "what the heck, let's do this."  There are 3 different wagers, Low Stakes, Medium Stakes, and High Stakes.
Low Stakes - she sets up 3 pots, you bomb 1.  If you bomb the one with a doll inside you win double your money.
Medium Stakes - 5 pots, triple your money.
High Stakes - 10 pots, 6X your money.
You choose which Stakes you prefer, you choose how much you want to wager (up to 6 digits, 0 to exit), she hands you a bomb and sets up the corresponding number of pots.  You pick one and bomb it.  If it has the doll in it, you win the wager you bet multiplied by the stakes multiplier in gold.  If it is empty, you lose your wager.  You can talk to the lady again if you want to opt out.  If you lose it will show you which pot the doll was in.  Then it resets and you can play again.  Have fun!


  • Pots!
  • Bombs!
  • Bombing of Pots!
  • Hot Gambling Action!
  • Amazing Special Effects and Sound Effects!
  • A Cheat Mode!
  • Custom Artwork and Music Included!

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BomberPot .zip (5117KB)

The only thing that may suck is setting your own variables and switches.  If you change the variables and switches to numbers that you want, you have to change them to that number on all the pots and the girl as well.  They are all labeled well and easy to decipher, though.  The 'coding' of the pot events are a bit sloppy, but it works.  One small note:  The pots make the girl turn up when you win or lose, and that movement is attached to her event id.  Depending on the sequence you put the events into a new map, or how many events you already have on that map, her id could change, and then the pots won't make her look up when you win or lose anymore.  So you'd have to change both the winning and losing turning of upness to her new id for each pot on the map.  Not a big deal, just there for icing.

Credits and Thanks

  • DJSkagnetti

Author's Notes

Made 2 maps, one with the normal game, and the other is a cheat game.  She will tell you the number of the pot the doll is in, this is numbered from the left.  For the 10 pots, it goes 1-6 from the left on the top row and 7-10 from the left on the bottom row.  Custom title screen and music.  Title screen and music included in .zip =)
or listen to the song on my soundcloud

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