[Game Maker 8 Pro] Castle Forge 3D

Started by hansiec, May 27, 2012, 04:35:54 pm

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Castle Forge is a minecraft classic (Yes another one....) like game I have decided to make with Game Maker Pro 8. It's graphics are not amazing yet but it's free and has got a few good things.

The gameplay is mostly sandbox but I will be adding things such as sidequests you can do for the more rare items, each block has a custom 'rarity','mine time',and height it can appear on, grass only apears on the top 3 layers of the map while stone is anywhere under that.

-- 3D (yes I include this as 3D because not many games are)
-- Amazing "Random" maps (maps are made through a seed)
-- Shows current status of various things (current block/amount of that block/current block mining progress)
-- Pretty good (won't say amazing) random dungeons (again relies on the seed)
-- Custom Random seed
-- Custom Map size (currently small/medium/large but this will change to completely custom by choosing the x/y/z size from scratch)
Features which will be added:
-- Day/Night system
-- Zombies! (you just gotta love them)
-- Allies (Cpu's that goes killing enemies/giving you items)
-- better dungeon structures
-- water/lava blocks (yes these will be slightly difficult)
-- Health system (will be added before or with zombies)
-- Better saving/loading
-- Better menus (instead of the popups giving you 3 options.)


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Hansiec -- Most of work
Laruens (and whoever else worked on the block engine) -- Block Engine

Show me proof of work if you wish to help.
Main things I need:
Sprites for living things (best way I can put this really)
Sprites for "objects" (trees/houses/structures) (these are made very weirdly so if you want to do this PM me and I'll give you a layout of how this works A.K.A image)
New Block Textures (self explanitory) (these must be 16x16 sized you can put them all in one image I don't mind seperating them myself.)
I otherwise need:
Scripting with the programming language GML (Game Maker Language)

Current release: Version 1.1 Beta
Note: The current version doesn't have all the current features they will be included in the next release!
Download here: http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/198969-castle-forge