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Abstract: You wake up from a coma in a hospital after a car accident, you can't remember anything from your past not even your name.

Leaving the hospital you find yourself in a deserted town, calling for help is useless, no one responds. You now venture outside trying to find any clues of who you really are and what happened while you where in a coma.

You are Alive.

Genre:  Survival Horror

Currently Chapter 1 is done.

No RTP version: (21 MB)

With RTP version: (43 MB)

The demo's length is approximately 30 min to 1 hour depending if you try and search every side of the hospital to find some stuff or just rush to the end. (At the moment there are some hidden stuff but not much. It's inside the hospital only anyway, later on there will be more hidden stuff to find and some unlock those (?) in the load screen and more  :thumbsup:  )

There's an error when you try to save because rmxp compression compressed also the save file... Anyway to solve it make a folder named
"Save File" without the "" and it should work.
(Until I reupload a new demo)

(For new people, RTP is needed to play rpg maker xp games.)

Long Story: ShowHide
While going for a road trip with your family you get involved in a car accident which killed your children on impact, you and your wife survive the accident and get sent into hospital. Your wife injuries were more serious than yours, her symptoms where broken ribs and pneumothorax but she didn't survive the operation. Your symptoms where broken ribs, severe skull fractures and a concussion that made you lose your senses.  

During the operation some complication arised and you fell in coma with some brain damage. Doctors conducted the skull fractures with the concussion could have possibly made you lose some of your memory but they couldn't be certain until you regained senses.

Meanwhile you were in a coma in a foreign island some scientists where experimenting on ways to modify our dna to cure the ageing "malfunction" of our species in hopes of achieving eternal life. Complications rose and instead of finding a remedy to ageing they created a virus that made people lose control. The virus was considered potentially dangerous and so it was kept hidden from the public as ordered by the government.

Weeks passed but the scientists where not getting any conclusive progress from the experiment so the government cut their supply of money. The head scientist, Dr. Chris Gerber creator of the virus was displeased with the news but there was nothing he could do.

Dr. Gerber couldn't neglect all the research he did and all progress done. It was driving him crazy being left alone without the possibility on doing anything, but the project was not left dying, a foreign company contacted Dr. Gerber on the continuation of the research.

Dr. Gerber accepted without any hesitation, little did he know that the company he joined where more interested in turning the research into a weapon than a remedy to cure people.

After a month Dr. Gerber managed to reconstruct the molecule of the virus, now he could continue from where he left. The research started to get some progress done tough it was far from ready.

Tests were being conducted on small animals which concluded the subjects inhaling the virus suffering an exponential increase in aggressivity resulting in a highly contagious rage that kills it's victims after a couple of hours.

The company in charge of Dr. Gerber's research was notified of the progress and dispatched a sample to be tested on some prisoners. The results were terrifying, the virus did raise people from the dead but they were no longer human, they became predators....

The company ordered Dr. Gerber to progress the research so that the virus could be controlled but Dr. Gerber opposed their orders stating his intentions where to find a remedy for ageing not to create a biological weapon. Dr. Gerber didn't want to take part of the modification of the research and requested to be resigned of the project. The company couldn't let him go so easily, he had valuable information and forced him to continue the research against his will.

Without any choice Dr. Gerber had to continue the research.

A week passed and more tests were conducted on these monsters, surprisingly victims raised from the dead didn't seem to suffer any pain when hit or shot unless they were shot in the face or decapitated else they remained dead instead of rising again.  

Dr. Gerber couldn't bear with his research becoming a biological weapon of mass destruction so he modified the formula without the companies consent and managed to reduce its effects exponentially. The modification managed to change the virus from effecting people that where alive; victims had to die for the infection to trigger.

Victims that raised from the dead had infected blood in their systems so if you where bit, scratched or infected blood touching/entering in a victim system it would have caused a bacterial infection killing the victim after a couple of hours and thus triggering the virus.

Later that day Dr. Gerber committed suicide leaving a note stating the project was complete but he didn't want to have any part of it.

Having lost the scientist who created the virus the company thought on having a final test before selling it on the black market. Prisoners were taken into a special room while the company and interested buyers looked from behind a protective barrier for the results. The experiment started without any complications but after a couple of minutes the prisoners started hitting the barrier to get out and one of them got shot. The "dead" prisoner raised from the dead and started attacking the other prisoners and they where turning one by one into these monsters.

The buyers where very impressed with what this virus could do but while they were going to start contracting the infected started hitting the machine and it started overheating, the machine was damaged and it was about to explode exposing the virus into the atmosphere infecting everyone on the planet.

The scientists tried everything they could but there wasn't enough time. The people reviewing the experiment managed to get out before the explosion and after a couple of minutes the whole building collapsed from the explosion leaving several victims dead.

The victims started rising from the dead after a couple of hours, people outside didn't know what was happening inside, they thought the victims coming out were injured from the explosion. The virus was spreading rapidly through the air; people couldn't know what was happening. The infected started attacking the civilians and slowly they were starting to increase in numbers killing and eating all the victims they could find near the area the experiment was conducted.

People were in chaos among trying to escape the living dead.  

Months passed, the virus spread throughout the planet, everyone is infected now but there are still people fighting for their lives while the infected increase in numbers every day.

After a year, infected have overrun most of the planet, hope on humanity salvation is very slim. Some small groups around the planet are still able to fend off the infected but they are not the only thing to look out from, wild animals run in towns scavenging for food, scavengers and bandits roam the abandoned cities looting valuables and destroying anything they find.

It's a new world with no rules, survive of the fittest...


The game takes place in modern times not in a fantasy world or such thing.

Name: ?????
Age: 32

The main character which doesn't remember anything from his life not even his name, left alone after a car accident which sent him into a coma for 2 years.

- Will add more in the future. (If side characters fit here as you're essentially always "alone" eventough you meet people and could stick with them for some time.)

Credits: ShowHide
-Jens of Zanicuud
For the Item Examine Script, Underline Text Script, Custom Save/Load Screen, Custom Status Screen and for all the help on script problems I had.

- Brewmeister, Gubid, Star
For their Day/Night Script.

For Inventory Script, Fade Effect Script, Custom Pre Menu for Blizz Abs Script and helping me on various scripting problems.

For the Animated Title Script.

For the Forced Z Angle On Events Script.

For the Footsteps Sound Script.

For the Dynamic Sound Script.

For the  Diary Script, Multi Message Script and Event Proximity Script.

For Blizz Abs Script, ZHud Script.

-Pandora's Box (Well that's what they call it),11532.0.html
Had a huge amount of resources you can use collected together.

- Ninesages Website
A big thanks to this site which helped me find a lot of resources I needed. (Sadly it seems to be down for quite a while now.)

- Freesound
Huge selection of sounds if you know what you're searching for and completely free if you register.

- Sound Snap
Another good site that has some good sound effects and such but this one requires money.

This program helped me edit some of the sound to make them more ideal to my game.

Screen Shots
Screenshots: ShowHide

Features: ShowHide
- Game is being set in black and white apart of the colour red for blood. (Ala sin city)
- Your character doesn't fight you have to hide, sneak and run to survive.
- Your limited to how many items you can carry by the bag you have.
- You need to eat and drink to survive. (Eating also restores health while drinking also restores stamina to run) - Currently This feature is not implemented.
- Hidden stuff to find and hopefully even traps you can make to gain some time over the infected. - Currently This feature is not implemented.
- Getting bit or scratched by an infected can get you sick and will start to get damaged. Be sure to find or take some medicine to cure yourself or you'll die. - Currently This feature is not implemented.
- Everyone is infected even you but to trigger the infection you need to die. (Unless you get shot in the head or decapitated then you just die)
- You can run, sneak around enemies but running requires stamina so you cant run forever. (To regenerate stamina you either keep walking and regenerate slowly or stand still and regenerate faster)
- You can barricade doors to increase time it takes for infected to breach inside. (Barricading a door requires wood and hammer and once the door is barricaded you can no longer open the door to pass through unless it gets destroyed so think wisely.) - Currently This feature is not implemented.
- Game is set always in the night with some light sources here and there to provide guidance.
- Fade effect inside buildings when you pass from room to room. The previous room goes darker while the one you enter in gets brighter this is going to be used because it adds a little suspense on what could be in the next room.

Current demo takes place all in the hospital and ends once you go outside.

Chapter 1 is done.
Chapter 2 will start once I finish some stuff.

Known Issues
Sometimes tutorial pictures don't go away after the first Enter or E you press, keep pressing or hold the button and it will work. (Only 1 map has this issue atm but it's not a big deal breaker.)
Current Project/s:


Looks pretty cool. :)
Hurry up and get a demo out so this can be moved to the Projects section.

I would add a little more flash to the topic. It would be a shame to see such a promising looking game to be overlooked because the topic looked boring.

Either way, hope to see this finished, the screenshots look good. :)
I am done scripting for RMXP. I will likely not offer support for even my own scripts anymore, but feel free to ask on the forum, there are plenty of other talented scripters that can help you.


Thanks I'll try get a demo in 1-2 weeks as I have to study for the theory car test which is going to be on thursday.

I still need to fix some small graphical issues like having a better picture for the inventory screen as the one I have I made it by editing some pokemon pictures :/

Currently it's like this:

Spoiler: ShowHide

I need a better picture for the bags (Specially if it's not from pokemon) and there will be in total 3 bags which have more limit on how many items you can carry. (15, 30 and 45 slots)

I'll try to see if I can get some help from some artist in the inventory and a better bag icon.
Current Project/s:


This game looks pretty awesome, I'm looking for awesome. :3 And thanks for making this topic, it reminded me to go and fix my terrain sound script. I'll try and get on that today or tomorrow.


I would also like to play the demo when it comes out
Spoiler: ShowHide

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June 29, 2012, 03:50:28 pm #5 Last Edit: June 29, 2012, 03:52:24 pm by Vexus

- I just finished mapping for the prologue and will start the eventing and story for the first demo.
- Title screen of the project:
Spoiler: ShowHide

Any feedback is welcomed.

- Started the first crawling/crouching infected, here's an example:



Suggestions/feedback is welcome too.


If nothing goes wrong a demo will be released in a week or 2 but some stuff like the inventory screen picture, diary script and some other small things won't be 100% how I want them so I hope that doesn't put the game in a bad light.
Current Project/s:


I for one am not a fan of the Title text for Alive, but I like the overall feel of the title.

I like the crouching sprite but the crawling one just looks odd.. His head shouldn't be straight like that as it's unrealistic... I would make it kinda looking down a bit? Otherwise it's neck would be at a 90 degree angle and that's just odd to me lol. Also it's body... it's really hard to tell what it is. to me it looks like it's legs are backwards? idk what's actually wrong with it but it looks weird to me.


June 30, 2012, 08:19:04 pm #7 Last Edit: June 30, 2012, 08:22:57 pm by Vexus
I didn't know where to place the words as having the name in the middle was kinda weird in my eyes.

I could rotate it more to be less slanting if you think it would make it look better.

Well the crawling one is based on the only template I found that I'm working on to create this infected. I have the moving down part all coloured and tested ingame which didn't seem so bad. (But yes the legs are kinda weird as it's like they move like the exorcist girl on the stairs scene)
Current Project/s:


Yeah I agree with you on the title. I do like the slanting though, but maybe make it a little bigger? Just feel that since you got a whole bunch of lights from the middle to right that it kind of clashes with the title in terms of emphasis, but maybe you'll disagree?

Anyway, this project looks very interesting! Itching to play the demo :)


Tried updating the title's text, how's this as alternative?

Spoiler: ShowHide
Current Project/s:


How about without the shadow's in it? Just flat white. I wanna see if that goes better lol


New Title text does stick out more. You could give it a "glow effect", in my opinion. I would say to move the text in the middle but
the light in the middle will meld with it.

New Title text sticks out more, basically.
Spoiler: ShowHide

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July 02, 2012, 05:31:53 am #12 Last Edit: July 03, 2012, 06:03:13 am by Vexus
Can't get the text more white than this without ruining it:

I personally prefer the previous version but better see what everyone says.


I was mapping a little for the prologue before waking up and I would like to hear your opinions people if it sounds good or not.

Current plans are to have some short flashbacks of certain events your character has deep feelings on.

I created a scene for the wedding, a scene where your wife tells you she's pregnant, another scene at the hospital stating the sex of the babies (2), a scene of your whole family dining together then finally the last scene where your whole family gets involved in the accident then you wake up in shock as if you had a nightmare.

Now while I get ideas I don't know exactly how to do it properly sound and effects wise, I'll try my best hopefully it goes well. (I got a picture that covers the map leaving only the desired point visible to not lose focus)
Current Project/s:


Like the previous title better, the placement isn't good in the last one.

About your idea, if you could pull it off then yea but be sure to add lots of poses and stuff otherwise it would look bad. I wouldn't do it all at once though... I think flashbacks throughout the first 10 minutes or so of your game would be better than having to sit through 4 flashbacks one after another.


Fine I'll use the previous version.

As for the flash backs I already mapped the scenes (Tough accident one is still on revision as I have to make a good looking accident heh)

Sneak peaks:

Spoiler: ShowHide


When your wife says she's pregnant

Doctor telling you the sex of the baby

And dining together

Feedback/suggestions are always welcomed.
Current Project/s:


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New demo posted on a 2nd page.
Current Project/s:


July 12, 2012, 11:49:40 am #16 Last Edit: July 12, 2012, 12:48:59 pm by Vexus
No one?

C'mon guys it's the prologue only, takes less than 5 minutes I need feedback and suggestions.
Current Project/s:



July 15, 2012, 07:19:28 pm #18 Last Edit: July 15, 2012, 07:23:10 pm by Vexus
Thanks for the update.

While am I posting here's 4 new screenshots of the outside world:

Outside of the Hospital (I made a small sign written "Hospital" on it to indicate the way to go back in if you wanted to.)
Back Alley: ShowHide

Near some crime scene
Crime Scene: ShowHide

Another back alley
Back Alley 2: ShowHide

In the streets
Streets: ShowHide

Outside maps are giving me some lag problems so I'll get some people in the future to see what could be the cause. (I was thinking it could be the lightning effects even tough removing the script and play testing still gave me lag :/  so dunno exactly)

Note: The hud is currently a place holder unless I get permission from it creator as I only edited it's colours to fit the black and white style. (Tough I wish on having a sort of animated graphic that looked like a heartbeat monitor to indicate your life with levels instead of an actual bar.)


I got some feedback on the prologue from another site and will hopefully upload the new version of the prologue in the next couple of days if anyone's interested.
Current Project/s:


Hey good job with this intro! I like your choice of bgm and the flashlight effect on the scene. Just a few things.

1. You seem to be missing an SE; game crashes in the main menu.
2. Few grammar problems but passable nonetheless.
3. I feel the intro has too many scenes. Although I get that you are trying to tell a complete backstory, I think if you combine some of the scenes together and get into the actual story quicker, it would make the intro stronger.

Obviously what you do regarding #3 is completely up to you, but that's just my 2 cents.
Good luck! :)