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Started by toni112007, June 28, 2012, 01:47:54 pm

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Hi all,im new here and im making Amnesia Dark Decent 2d game and i need light effect for lantern and candles
but i dont know how to make light.
Does anyone know how to make light effect?


What kind of light effects? If you want something that flickers I have a script that I used to use by kellessdee I can dig up. The coding could be better but overall it's not a bad script.

If you want something like static cosmetic lighting then there's a tutorial on RMXP revolution I saw a long time ago I can find for you.


I need light effect around my sprite like using torch or something,that lightness way so i can see in dark,and i need light for standing items like fireplace,candle...etc...


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I still have no idea what you're asking for so I give you both.

Cosmetic Lighting -

Lighting Script/Demo -

Also Blizzard's Slippy Dark demo has a demo of the torch around the character effect -
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Actually you need a 1280x960, it won't work with a 640x480. ;) Here's the demo.


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