Are anime English dubs really that bad?

Started by SBR*, July 23, 2012, 04:41:53 pm

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One of the best dubs Ive seen is cowboy bebop (very good anime)
mostly i watch anime in subs though ,because its almost always nearly 1-2 years from being dubbed by the time i finish it people that only watch the dubs are far behind from my standpoint.

the original goku from dragonball z,kai,gt was voiced by a woman

even though this is an older post i am posting here instead of making a new post
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are English dubs bad? no, not inherently but it's easy to find badly done dubs. 4Kids for example is infamous for doing a really shitty job with the dubs and editing the stupid shit to make it kid friendly.
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Quote from: Ryex on May 23, 2014, 01:17:01 pm
4Kids for example is infamous for doing a really shitty job with the dubs and editing the stupid shit to make it kid friendly.

You would almost think that it was like "for Kids" or something :V  I don't think 4kids intention is to provide quality anime for us lol, but rather quality entertainment for kids.
In fact, I don't really know of many animes on television that are not aimed at kids now a days. Maybe we are just getting to old for this stuff :\

As much as everyone complains about it, I've always loved the english dub sailor moon and dbz. Never really heard complaints about the next two but i also liked Zatch Bell and Yuyu Hokusho's english dubs aswell. So, at least for me, english dubs aren't so bad o-O I think it's just in everyones heads. You see the anime in english and don't like it, give it a shot in it's original dub and then because of a few translations it's completely changed? As if the two lesbian girls in sailor moon really made that much of a difference being lesbian or not Lol. It's just my opinion, of course. I think people are just too picky now adays...

I'm going to post this to prevent more rambling


I agree that there are some crappy dubs, but I was always under the impression that the majority was at least decent. But on the other hand I haven't watched THAT many animes.
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