Keyboard recommendations? I would like a new one

Started by stripe103, September 08, 2012, 11:43:41 am

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Hello there.

Recently, I have been searching around for a new keyboard, because I think I need a new one because my current one is not quite suitable for
gaming and because it's old. The problem is that I'm a bit precise on what I want, so it have been hard to find a keyboard that
I think is good and that I can use for both gaming, as well as programming and writing.

A little backstory of what I've been doing searching around.
I have looked at some different ones and the ones that appealed to me the most was the Razor BlackWidow Ultimate, so I bought it.
Turns out that the clicky MX Blue switches are heard in the whole house, which is bad, so I returned it a week later.
Another one that I think looked pretty nice was the Microsoft Sidewinder x4. After looking on reviews for it, it turns out
that the spacebar is much longer on it, resulting in a much larger space between the right Alt key and the '{', '}', '[' and ']' keys,
meaning that it isn't too good for using when programming, because that is probably some of my most used key combinations,
so I scrapped that too.

So, this far, the only solution I've found is to have one keyboard for gaming, and keep my old one for when programming, but I don't
really think that should be necessary, so I ask here for help in choosing one.

Another thing that I would like, but is not necessary to have, is backlight, since I play when it's dark sometimes and when me and my
friends have Lan parties. I would be the only one with backlighting :P

So yeah, if anyone have heard of a good keyboard that is pretty much an all-around keyboard that I can use for both gaming,
and programming.

Regards from the swedish Stripe :)

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I currently have a Logitech G110, which is perfectly fine if you don't need an LCD. I could also recommend you the Razer BlackWidow or Lycosa, but those are quite overpriced for what you get. Logitech G110 is great if you want some macro keys (12 macro keys and 3 profiles).

I bought 2 Logitech G110's for 20 euros and sold 1 to a friend for 60 euros. I got lucky :D

Just google some keyboards and their features, it's all personal opinion.


Sidewinders are no good, the series always using non-standard size & layout. I own sidewinder X6 and a mechanical MX Blue. My sidewinder also has unusual F1-F12 size, I always mistaken esc key with F1 key, bad. I like the modular number pad and backlight though. If I were you, I invest in mechanical keyboard, because gaming keyboards are overpriced in spite of they're still using rubber dome switch. What is this "gaming" keyboard you expect ? game shortcuts ? Because even thought X6 provide me more than 20 programmable shortcut keys, I never used them. And also, most keyboard custom shortcut keys blocked by most game's anti-cheat service. So, personally, this "gaming" thing was gimmick. I can play well without those fancy additional keys or design.

You have 2 choice, red switch = very silent, brown switch = better typing feel than red, not as silent as red but definitely more silent than blue. If I'm in the same condition as you, I choose brown, its an all rounder switch. Though I prefer blue for epic clicking sound lol and best typing gear.

These are few of the best mechanical keyboard which offer backlit :

I recommend ducky or nighthawk. The ducky keyboard can be customized, choose any backlit color and key switch you want. No, no razer. Hope this helps  ;)
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I would definitely go for the MaxKeyboard Nighthawk X8! It's a keyboard I'd love to have myself! It has very nice backlight, 2 USB inputs and Mic/Headphone jacks. Since I am a second hand buyer I don't have it myself but I'd definitely recommend it to you if you can buy it!

View a review on youtube here:

A downpart might be that mechanical keyboards aren't silent.


Hmm.. well, I never said I wanted a "gaming" keyboard. I said I wanted a good keyboard that is also good for games :)
What I meant is that the keyboard should have Anti-ghosting, basically.

Anyway, like I said, the BlackWidow Ultimate with it's MX Blue switches was way to loud, so no MX Blue switches.
For what I've seen on some random keyboard guides, it seems as it is
the tactile switches I like, so MX Clear would suit me the most, but I've never seen or typed on one, so I don't really know. I did try the red and black ones today,
but I didn't like the linear feel in the black one and I didn't like that the red one was so easy to press down. But that's just me.

I will take a look at the different keyboards though. Thank you :)

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