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Started by Dark_Kyu09, September 22, 2012, 12:33:28 pm

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September 22, 2012, 12:33:28 pm Last Edit: October 14, 2015, 08:41:11 pm by Dark_Kyu09
Hello everyone, I'm making a fan-game based on several popular franchises for the RPG Maker XP engine. This is called Rakenzarn Tales.

Story: ShowHide

The story involves a boy named Kyuu Renjo (From Detective School Q). After a day of feeling weird, he comes across a book labeled Rakenzarn Tales. Though he finds this book freaky, his curiosity causes him to give it a glance and he soon finds himself teleported within the book.

Welcome to the world of Rakenzarn, where all fictional characters reside. Just as Kyuu begins to take in the enormity of this situation, it turns out Rakenzarn is in the midst of a crisis as an enemy organization called the Saint Lords have unleashed various plagues upon the land. Unable to go home and equally unable to ignore this problem, Kyuu soon finds himself joining a brigade to learn the reason behind these attacks and about the mysterious book which brought him here.

However, he is completely unaware of the book's dark history and his connection within, which may endanger his very own existence.

Characters: ShowHide


- The unusual main protagonist of the game from Detective Academy Q (also called Detective School Q or Tantei Gakuen Q) who found the titular storybook. He's a bit hyperactive, socially awkward, and childish at times, but he's actually very intelligent once he gets serious. Unfortunately, he is very weak due to his lack of experience in combat, so he needs to rely on his new friends while training to become stronger. To make up for his painful weakness, his deductive skills are absolutely amazing for a junior detective and he has a hidden talent of leadership. After finding it wrong to live in a world of fantasy, he goes on a journey to find the way back home while solving the mysteries surrounding the storybook.


- The deuteragonist of the game and the main character from the original .hack games. As the very first character who joins Kyuu, Kite acts the second-in-command of the party. While Kite is a potential leader, he strongly supports Kyuu sharing a brotherly friendship and usually acts as the voice of reason. Kite is both strong, fast, and capable to use a few basic spells, which makes him one of the most valuable allies. His weapon is a pair of blades.

Dark Magician Girl

- The tritagonist of the game and one of the famous characters from Yu-Gi-Oh! (she is not related to the anime or manga series) A magician-in-training, she's the second to join Kyuu's party. She is a Duel Monster spirit and gets constantly mistaken as a human girl due to her appearance. She shares another strong friendship with Kyuu and Kite. Although, unlike Kite, she gets very annoyed by Kyuu's childish antics. She knows a lot about magic spells though she's still learning them and her capability as a Black Mage makes her another valuable ally. Her weapon is a magic wand.

Sakura Kasugano

- The hyperactive, fight-loving character from Street Fighter. She is one of the main characters and also one of the first to join the party. Sakura recently moved into the Cyril Region where she makes friends with Kite and the others. She is known as the 'Ditto Fighter' due to her ability to use skills that most fighters use such as a Hadouken though it's self-taught. Her main weapon is her fists, but she can also use some gauntlets and brass knuckles.

Kanata Saionji

- The 'handsome, pretty boy' and main male lead of his series, Daa! Daa! Daa! (or also known as UFO Baby). He is quite popular with the girls due to his good looks and attitude. Not only does he excel in his studies, he is also good at sports. Apparently, he comes from a line of Buddhist monks until he moves into the Cyril Region where he befriends Kite and the others. He may initially appear as a Deadpan Snarker, but deep down, he's a kind, caring person. Among the first members of the party, Kanata is the 'jack-of-all-trades,' as he masters the basic sword skills (his main weapon is a katana.)

Nina Sakura

- a kind-hearted, very peppy, and perky character from Ultra Maniac. She is actually a magic girl (or a witch) who comes from a kingdom in another region. However, she proves to be a failure as her magic usually backfires save for a few white magic spells. As a result, she's sent to the Nutsy Guild as part of her training to improve her magic. She'll do absolutely anything to ensure that her friends are happy, even if it means suffering a little grief herself. Nina is the healer of the group. Her main weapon is a magic staff.

Noel Vermillion

- A shy, clumsy girl who tends to get worked up over the smallest things. She can be socially awkward at times, but this has actually served as an endearing trait. She quickly becomes close friends with the first members of the party, but it turns out that she already knows Kite and Kanon. In fact, the three of them are close friends. She is the 'Glass Cannon' of the group as a professional gunslinger capable of delivering critical damages on the enemies. Her weapon is a pair of handguns.


- A mysterious young boy from Umineko no Naku Koro Ni (means When the Seagulls Cry). He appears to be sullen and quiet, usually doing his work in silence. He doesn't talk much either though he does voices his opinion during a discussion whenever he wants to. Apparently, he knows Kite and Noel for a long before meeting Kyuu and the others. There have been rumors that they're close friends as well. Kanon is supposedly the strongest among the first members of the brigade, known as the 'Lightning Bruiser.' His main weapons are a two-handed sword and a latex scimitar.

Players will meet other characters that reside in Rakenzarn, all from cartoons, video games, novels, and animes.

Current Screenshots: ShowHide

Features: ShowHide

  • A massive crossover, featuring multiple characters from video game, anime, movies, etc. Also featuring characters from web series and even other RPG Maker games.
  • About 90 party members. You can recruit characters into joining your brigade.
  • New Battle feature using Blizzard's Chaos Rage Limit System
  • Storyline mixing with classic adventure, mystery, comedy, intension, and sometimes horror elements.
  • Character Alignment. This can align Kyuu to Lawful, Neutral, or Chaotic. The alignments can change Kyuu's inner thoughts and even his personality. Characters can also react differently depending on the alignment.
  • Multiple Endings. They're all highly depending on which alignment the players are in and their choices throughout the story.
  • Guild Quests.
  • Making use of the engine's default battle system. The main goal is to give each party member his or her strengths and weaknesses. That's also the same for the enemies (especially the bosses) so you have to be careful who to pick.
  • Ultra Bosses feature. Face extremely powerful bosses that require certain characters in your party.
  • Romance. Players can also date various girls from different series (mainly singles). This will not affect your alignment but it will reward you with an 'epilogue' moment.

I haven't finished the game due to lack of resources (sprites, still pictures for cutscenes, and battle pics), but I managed to finish a few chapters of the game. The game's current version is 2 Here's the link if you like to try it out:


Once you play it, care to give me thoughts, reviews, and ideas for the game?
Also, I'll be very glad if any of you could help out with the game.
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So how is the game so far?
A little feedback would be appreciated.
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November 02, 2012, 12:19:11 am #2 Last Edit: January 31, 2013, 10:16:41 am by Blizzard
Still haven't found any artists yet, but that still doesn't stop me from making progress!
I manage to make a little progress with the game. I use most of the materials that I find it suitable until I find the artists who can help me draw some pictures for the game.

Right now, I'm working on the next version (4 chapters total, I hope). Here's what I can give of Chapter 2.

Spoiler: ShowHide

After  the Stone Ogres attack, Kyuu is somewhat welcomed into the guild and assigned into the same brigade as Kite and his friends. Dark Magician Girl also passes the Guild Test and assigned into the same brigade.

Here, players are allowed to name their Brigade.

The brigade's first mission is to find a very rare flower at the Blackwood Forest. Unfortunately, Kyuu's lack of battle experience makes him an open target for monsters that roam around the forest, forcing him to rely on his new friends. To make things worse, the brigade is stalked by familiar enemies and a very dangerous monster.

In this chapter, there will be more Alignment choices and the characters will start to react differently depending on your Alignment and your choices from the previous chapter. For example...

Spoiler: ShowHide

This is for the Neutral Alignment. In the previous chapter, you had the decision on what to do with the Stone Ogres when they're defeated. One of the decisions was to let everyone decide. The scene with Dark Magician Girl will be different depending on your choices. Not only her, but other characters too. So yeah, the chapter will emphasizes more on the players' decisions.

The next chapters will have players to talk to different characters throughout Rakenzarn.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Knuckles here will teach you some moves. He's one of the people who can help Kyuu to learn new set of moves.

We also have a bit of puzzle solving. Players will have to take advantage of Kyuu's intellect in solving puzzles and cases.

Spoiler: ShowHide

There is going to be a nightmare scenario. In this particular scenario, Kyuu will find himself locked in a small room. This is the second puzzle (the first 'puzzle' is the 'Deduction game' if you call that a puzzle) where Kyuu needs to find a way out of the room.

Lastly, the exploration.
Players get to explore the world such as a forest, an underground cavern, and lost cities. However, like most RPGs, there are also monsters lurking within.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Do you see the two small lights in front of Kyuu? Those are the enemies. If you let them touch you, you will engage in battle.

The battle system will be a bit of a tactic's game as each party member has his or her strengths and weaknesses. That's also the same to the monsters. You have to be careful who you choose and discover certain strategy on different monsters. Certain characters can be defined by their character type:

Kite: Fragile Speedster
Dark Magician Girl: Black Mage
Sakura: Ditto Fighter
Kanata: jack-of-all-trades
Nina: White Mage
Noel: Glass Cannon
Kanon: Lightning Bruiser

Spoiler: ShowHide

Velocipreys from Monster Hunter.
Kanon uses one his early attacks, Dark Drive, on the monster.

Slime Girls from Monster Girl Quest.
Noel uses her Revolver Blast.

Well, that's all I have for the game so far.
A feedback would be nice.

Hope to hear from you guys :)
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QuoteThey've got helmets on they're heads. But I gotta watermeloan instead!


Hey, everyone.

The thing is, I'm currently looking for people who would like to test out my game. It's not exactly version 1.1, think of it as a Closed Beta. I finally finished Chapter 2 but I need to know if the game has improved, especially the exploration part.

I've already posted this at the 'recruitment' section but I still haven't found anyone who's willing to help me test it. So I was hoping this might get your attention.

If you're interested testing my game, I'd be very appreciated. Just send me a Private Message and I'll send you the game.
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Guys, a little quick update here.
I still haven't got much Beta testers though.

I've managed to continue on with the game and finish Chapter 2.

Chapters sypnosis
Spoiler: ShowHide

Chapter 3: The Poisoned Waters
Kyuu and the brigade accept a job to guard the Water Orb in BlueLake Town from bandits that have been recently attacking town.
However, it gets worse when, not only the bandits are attacking, but another group of bandits attack at the same time. To make it worse, someone is planning to destroy the Water Orb, which will put the entire region into grave danger by the plague.

Chapter 4: Uprising
Kyuu finally discovers a way to purify Cyril Region from the plague. However, he soon has to face the mastermind behind the attacks at BlueLake Town and the sudden appearance of more powerful monsters. It is also revealed about a certain group of people.... Who wants him dead.

His journey has only begun.

Returning and Confirmed characters:
Spoiler: ShowHide

The Wario Bros.
Snorlax (Pokemon)
Velocidrome (Monster Hunter)
a few 'guest' OCs

In Chapter 3, you now can roam freely across the Cyril Region. Not only in one region, but to other regions as the story progresses, especially when you restore the Cyril Region from the plague.

With that said, I'd like to ask you. What do you think with the map of Cyril Region here? And lastly, what background music fits this exploration? Should I use some music from an existing franchise or the existing music from the RPG Maker XP?
Spoiler: ShowHide
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January 07, 2013, 12:11:15 am #6 Last Edit: January 10, 2013, 01:26:16 am by Dark_Kyu09
Hello, everyone! Hope you're doing well.

Anyway, I'm here to start up 2013 with an update on the game.
First of all, Chapter 2: First Assignment, is finally complete and only two chapters remain until version 1.1 can be released.

Here are some new features and changes for version 1.1:
- The 'Rival' theme is now replaced with this one:

- At the end of chapter 2, you can fully establish the relationship system
- Guild jobs, you can accept some jobs from clients to earn different rewards
- 2 new 'dungeons' to explore
- overworld exploration
- Day and Night system, whenever you go to the overworld map, the system will kick in. If you go into town or dungeons, it will stop which may put the day or night permanent in certain places until you exit that place. Of course, you can go to your bed at your home where you can sleep until night or day.

And here's some screenshots

Spoiler: ShowHide

Next boss fight?

Letting you know if a certain character joins your party/brigade

Short glimpse of the Cyril Region's main villain....

Spoiler: ShowHide

Overworld of Cyril Region

Day and Night system (credits to Blizzard)

At night


Sivurd Town

entrance to BlueLake Town

BlueLake Town



Galimus Plain

Kolinia Forest

Mysterious swamp

Spoiler: ShowHide

Well, that's all for now. Unfortunately, I'm currently facing a block here. I'm running low on sprites once again and I can't continue the game without sprite supplies. For more information on the sprites, please check out here

Thanks everyone for the support. See you around :)
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Hey there, guys. I'm here for a little quick update.

Well, the next Closed Beta testing will be out soon (probably next February). If any of you like to try it out, I'll be sure to tell you.

Also, as a bonus, the next version will be accompanied with a little separate 'game' I'd like to call "Rakenzarn Moments." It's not really a game, it's more of episodic shows, both are comical sketches and 'origin' stories. There will be six episodes, four are under development but I haven't figured out the last two yet.

Here's some summaries of the four episodes:
1. Cooking For Me
Noel decides to do some cooking so she asks Kyuu for help. Kyuu can't resist thinking she might cook something very good despite warnings from Kite and Kanon. However, he doesn't really know what he just got himself into...

2. Daffy & Ed: Search of the Necomonicon
This is loosely based/inspired by Nostalgic Critic & Bum's Search of the Necromonicon. Daffy tricks Ed (with a year supply of jawbreakers) into searching a haunted house for the Book of the Dead. What follows is a series of comical chases by famous ghosts.

3. How I met Sakura
This is an origin story for Kite. It turns out that Kite and Sakura have met before. The story follows from Kite's point of view in a Visual Novel style of his encounter with Sakura and gets forced into becoming her 'partner' in a street fight tournament. Will feature several characters from Street Fighter and Tekken.

4. The Kolinia Stalker Project
A direct parody of The Blair Witch Project. Kanata finds himself waking up in the middle of the forest with seemingly no way out and he can't remember how he got there in the first place. He then sets off on a journey to get back to civilization, but he soon realizes that he's not alone when he hears someone laughing...

Well, that's all for now. Hope to hear from you soon :)
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January 31, 2013, 09:59:53 am #8 Last Edit: January 31, 2013, 10:46:04 am by Dark_Kyu09
Hello everyone, this is Dark Kyu with a few updates on the game.

Well, it's not looking good but it's not bad either. I'm still missing one more sprite to complete the game's third chapter before moving on to the next chapter. I still need the character sprite of Electro (from Spectacular Spider-man).

This is how he looks without that 'mask' of his.
Spoiler: ShowHide

But if it's too difficult to make, then you can make a character sprite of him in his hazard suit.
Spoiler: ShowHide

So for now, the game has been officially on hold until I get Electro's character sprite. I really need him for the game's story. If anyone can make his sprite, either his real looks or his hazard suit, will definitely help and progress the game's development even more.

To make it up for this, I've added a few more screenshots and news on the game.

New Features

-Quest System-

Throughout the adventure, Judith (from Tales of Vesperia) will hand you some quests/jobs given by various people in Rakenzarn. A new option is opened from the book, so you can go there to take a look at the quests.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Spoiler: ShowHide

This is how the quest information looks like. You can see which one is new, accepted, and complete from the pic symbols. In addition, you can see what the quest is all about from its description and the rewards for completing it. However, you need to talk to your client in order to accept the given quest to complete it. Once you complete a quest, you will be given the reward.

While most quests are optional, there are some quests that are related to the story. You can find out that it's a story-related quest by the following screenshot.

Spoiler: ShowHide

When everything is labeled '????' in the description, then it means that's a very important quest to complete in order to advance the story. Not all quests are related to the story though.

Whenever you complete a chapter, don't forget to talk to Judith since she always gives you new ones in every new chapter.

Lastly, some quests are related to other quests. For example, there will be one quest where the party investigates a certain phenomena. When that's complete, another quest will be unlocked later on and it will be related to the previous quest, which will conclude the mystery of the phenomena or continue to the next quest.

Special credits to KK20 for the Organized Quest System. Truly one of the best scripts I've ever seen.

-Battle System-

As you pretty much know if you played the game, Kyuu isn't much of a fighter.

Even though you have your friends from different series, you still need to mind Kyuu as there will be times where he'll be engaged in a one-on-one duel.

Fortunately, his class is one of the rarest and best in Rakenzarn, the Arxus Rogues. The class has an uncanny ability to wield various weapons and use multiple skills. There is a catch though, some skills can only be used when a certain weapon type is equipped.

Spoiler: ShowHide

You can see that some of the skills in the screenshot are transparent. Right now, Kyuu is using a sword so he obviously can use sword-type skills. Double Slash and Midnight Stab are part of them (the former is a standard double slash attack while the latter is a Dark element attack.

Spread Shot is a gun-type skill that's very useful against multiple enemies, but as you can see, you can't use it unless you use a gun-type weapon.
Ravage Smash is an axe-type skill that has brute strength and brutally wound an enemy.

You can learn these skills or more by talking to some characters in Rakenzarn (mostly who are experienced fighters). You can also learn new skills by finding and reading items called Skill Scrolls, which are secretly hidden throughout Rakenzarn.

Spoiler: ShowHide

Noel here is one of the characters who knows about gun-type skills and she can teach you.

The weapon types so far are:
- Sword
- Twin Blades
- Knife
- Axe
- Spear/Lance
- Gun
- Bow
- Crossbow
- Staff
- Gauntlets
- Hammer/Mace
- Whip

You have the freedom to use any weapons you want from these types, but be aware that each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Special credits to Aqua (for making this script), vacancydenied (for requesting the script), and Starrodkirby86. Weapon Specific Skills is a pretty good script.

-Overdrive Concept-

There's this concept I've been working on, it's called Overdrive Mode. It's mostly for most bosses.

Whenever you deplete enough HP, the boss will get furious and will start to throw his best moves at you. This is where the fight will get more intense as the attacks may deplete most of your party's HP.


Not to mention, here are a few scenes and screenshots from the game (mainly Chapter 3 and some planned scenes for Chapter 4)

Spoiler: ShowHide

The Wario Bros. returns!

The Bandits attack

Daffy Duck's on the run

Buggy the Clown from One Piece is here!

A new enemy: The Assassin

She's not kidding.... She really wants Kyuu DEAD! :O_O:

Lastly, the game will also feature a Dating System. You can date various girls from different series (mainly singles). This will not affect your alignment but it also affect the ending. Planning to have a total of 15 girls you can date.

Here are the confirmed girls that you can date in the game, each has her own rewards for you in terms of skills (don't worry, I won't spoil the endings or their story arcs)

Spoiler: ShowHide

1. Megumi Minami

- Crossover: Detective School Q/Tantei Gakuen Q
- Bio: The girl from the 'real world' who's gifted with the photographic memory, which allows her not to forget and memorizes everything even after she has a brief look on
something. However, such gift does possess a curse.
- Gift: learn 'normal' attacks and increase all your status. It's essentially the 'jack-of-all-trades'

2. Dark Magician Girl

- Crossover: Yu-Gi-Oh!
- Bio: One of the famous cards/characters in the series though she's not related to the anime or the manga series (though I will make a few references to it). She's incredibly gifted with magic though she's a bit sensitive.
- Gift: learn black magic (mostly 'good' Dark spells) and increases your intelligence.

3. Reiko Hinomoto

- Crossover: Rumble Roses
- Bio: 19-year-old wrestler who is one of the main playable characters in her game. She's very energetic and enthusiastic both in and out of ring. Her ultimate goal is to follow her mother's footsteps and become the world's greatest wrestler.
- Gift: increase your strength and dexterity, also learn grapple moves that can deliver tons of damages.

4. Fabled Grimro

- Crossover: Yu-Gi-Oh!
- Bio: While I haven't learned much from her, she's essentially a young queen of her race. Personality still under development.
- Gift: increase your agility and learn fast skills

Well, that's all for now. Hope this keeps you excited.

Until I get the sprite, I'll see you soon.
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I just noticed that you didn't put all images into spoilers. >.< *fixes* Please put them all into spoilers in the future.
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Sorry about it, man. I totally forgot about the rule to put all the images on spoilers  :^_^':
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I'm still working on the first region, Cyril, but I have other region ideas in mind for the game.

Here are the region ideas and their plagues (not all of them are going to be in though):
- Alh'hru: enormous forest (mutated environment)
- Kandur: a countryside (madness syndrome)
- Veryl: Medieval era (lust for battle)
- Ludja: ruins powered by water (perpetual rainfall)
- Bajak: pirate theme (similar to Ludja Region, but causes storm)
- Nippon: Feudal Japan (spirits and demons roam free)
- Badland: wild west theme (morphing landscape)

What do you think with these ideas?
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March 05, 2013, 08:19:13 am #12 Last Edit: April 25, 2013, 10:33:31 pm by Dark_Kyu09
QuoteHello, everyone. I hope you're all doing well.

I like to make this announcement. I'm reopening up the OC submission. You see, I tried to contact some of the OC's authors about the game since it's been rewritten. Unfortunately, I couldn't contact them. The only people who are still in contact are:
- Vastler75 (Axel Akamura's owner)
- Kurush Wuzurg (Atossa's owner)
- Chaoslord680/PrimalLord680 (Nemean Primalstorm's owner)
- Uberbozo (Harqs' owner)
- thechossen1 (Maxwell's owner)

If any of you happen to own the following OCs, please contact me as soon as possible if you still want them in:
- Kunou Zetsubo (owned by punk_Blood)
- Noyemi (owned by Mikhail Faulken)
- Ajax Widowmaker (owned by Crowleyism)

So I've made the conclusion to reopen the OC submission. You may send/add your Original Characters into the game as both party members and allies. I will take 5 OCs. Any character will do, but there are a few rules I need to tell so that the OCs aren't overpowered when compare to the other characters:

1. The OC should have a backstory that is connected to the game as a sidequest. If you want to connect them to the game's main story, you have to talk with me so we can discuss the storyline.
2. Please, no Copy Cat character unless there's a good reason (in terms of backstory) behind it. A good example is Nemean Primalstorm.
3. The character can be any kind of race (for example, and elf), but please no god-like race.
4. Add how their interactions with Kyuu will work out, depending on which Alignment he's in.
5. While you can make up your own class name and weapons, the OC must have the following character type:

  • Jack-of-all-trades (Balanced. good at everything, the best at nothing)
  • Fragile Speedster (Weak, but very fast)
  • Attack Mage (Mostly uses offensive spells)
  • Heal Mage (Mostly uses healing spells)
  • Buffer (Focuses on strengthening allies and weakening enemies)
  • Glass Cannon (Strong offense, but weak defense)
  • Mighty Glacial (Powerful and resistant, but slow as heck)
  • Stone Wall (Strong defense, but has weak offense)
  • Ditto Fighter (Uses skills that most characters use)
  • Gradual Grinder (Uses skills that deal damage over time, steadily wearing down the enemies)
  • Lightning Bruiser (Strong, tough, and fast. The best of the types but shares 'that one' weakness, which can kill the character easily)

Those are the rules. If you're interested to add in, just send me the sprite and the battle picture.

The deadline will be at 29th March 2013. That's all the announcement. See you around.

The submission is now closed.
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Version 1.1. is now complete

You can download it from the first post.

If you come across some problems in the game, feel free to tell me about it.
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Seltzer Cole

Downloading...gonna play through everything tomorrow...assuming it is not hours and hours long lol. The plot of the game and idea behind it seem solid and I like it. Reminds me of a kingdom hearts in a way. I'll let you know what I think 2morrow, late late.
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This post reminded me that I never actually posted on here. I always look at your update, but never actually post lol, and I feel bad because I have wanted to say that I like this games idea haha. I think if it were polished up a bit (graphics-wise) it would be awesome :P


Quote from: Zexion on May 07, 2013, 02:15:24 pm
This post reminded me that I never actually posted on here. I always look at your update, but never actually post lol, and I feel bad because I have wanted to say that I like this games idea haha. I think if it were polished up a bit (graphics-wise) it would be awesome :P

Thanks, glad you like the idea.

Yeah, I'll admit the graphics aren't exactly good, it's just the lack of resource and the type of people who are willing to support help with the game in terms of sprite making really got me in a toll.
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Seltzer Cole

So I played the demo and hit a dead end.
Spoiler: ShowHide
After you lose to piccolo in the Nutsy Guild I talked to everyone else in the guild house and even the guy upstairs at the table who asks questions and the storyline refuses to advance.
I am assuming this is where the demo ends or I am missing something?

What I think of the game...
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The intro is amazing and even scared the shit out of me since I was drunk when I played your demo lol. It creeped me the hell out, especially the music adds nice effect. The only thing I disliked about the intro is the lack of a picture for the hallway/bathroom. Also maybe a picture of a phone when it rings. Other than that, solid intro. After getting sucked into the book I noticed that the main character doesn't act as surprised as...I possibly would? I just think he needs to freak out a bit more at wtf is going on. Other than that, solid. I also noticed typo's and the usage of "WE" being used incorrectly when it should be "he" or "I". Waluigi, Wario, and Pete were extremely difficult to kill but I did so without a game over there. The comedy after the fight is hysterical and added a lot of comic relief. I was a bit dissapointed that trying to loot the barrels scattered around town gave no items or hidden treasures lol. But that is okay, I am just used to games that have hidden items around town. The storyline is thrown at you hard though and it is not that that is bad, just that when the storyline slows down, if it slows even, will make the game seem less exciting since topping your amazing intro would be difficult. But if the storyline keeps going strong and fast like that, that would be awesome. Other than that I was very impressed with your ability to write dialogue in a way that really brings characters to life. You write dialogue a hell of a lot better than I could and I applaud. Perhaps less anime/manga characters on your main team and more video game characters. I also noticed in the intro it mentioned fictional movies as well as games etc... So I was maybe expecting things off movies and never saw anything unless you want to count manga/anime that has movies or TV series after it. But I thought it meant legit movies like tremors or alien and all that. I have to admit though that this game was addictive from start to where I got stuck. Very very fun.

I am definitely looking forward to a full release as I put 1 hour into your demo and enjoyed every minute of it without stopping. Very entertaining and I ask that everyone give this game a try. Good luck with your game!  :haha:
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Thanks for the first impression of the game, Seltzer Cole.
Actually, you're still very far from the game. There are a total of FOUR chapters in this current demo.

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Because right after you talk to everyone in the guild, you should go back to the first floor of the guild and talk to Kite in order to advance the story. Be warn though, the bosses can get harder and the puzzles can be a little bit harder as the game progresses.
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July 04, 2013, 05:21:59 am #19 Last Edit: July 30, 2013, 03:58:02 am by Dark_Kyu09
I haven't got any reviews of version 1.1. in this site yet, but I decided to step out from my break and continue Rakenzarn Tales version 1.2.

It's still on planning stage. Unfortunately, it's going to be a bit delayed I have other things piled up on (such as part-time job, my role in my community, and my other projects), but I'll do as fast as I can.

My current plans for this version:
- fix a few things on Chapter 1, such as toning down the amount of people you need to talk at the guild.
- fix the party members' status.
- the maximum level for the party members are now 125.
- there will be a total of 45 out of 78 playable characters.
- there will be 14 chapters.
- 4 regions to explore (3 new regions to be exact).
- full addition of the Date System.
- new addition: Team Assault, which will be available at Chapter 6.
- the addition of new guest characters from other RPG Maker games.

That's all for now.
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So far, so good. Here are the first screenshots of version 1.2. Take note that these are still under development, so they may be changed in the future.

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One of the OCs of a different author's debut, Harqs by Uberbozo

The main antagonists of the game, the Saint Lords

debut of Nanael (From Queen's Blade)



Duel: Harqs

Atossa and Cain are owned by Kurush Wuzurg and geminidrake respectively

Some feedbacks on version 1.1 is greatly appreciated so I can improve the next version.
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I really don't know if anyone's paying much attention here, but I guess I can just post it here on.

Anyways, I've done a lot of updates and improving the game for months. I thought it's a good time to release the updated version. It continues the storyline (about 7 chapters) and improvising the gameplay mechanic.

The current version, 1.2.1., also features a new gameplay element: the Ultra Bosses.
This is actually inspired by the Epic Boss fights from Marvel: Avengers Alliance. These are villains that will only appear when certain characters are in your active party and after defeating certain bosses, mostly the main storyline bosses. But it's not just limited to the storyline, they're also in guild quests. Remember, the character must be in the active party, not the reserve party or you will not trigger the Ultra Boss fight.

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For example: in Chapter 4, you must use Donald in the chapter's final boss. If you defeat the boss, the chapter doesn't end there. Instead, you fight another boss completely by surprise (yes, that is the Ultra Boss). Once the Ultra Boss is defeated, the chapter ends.

The Ultra Bosses are way harder than the normal bosses, but defeating them can give additional rewards for yourself and the specific character. It's worth the shot. However, a lot of them are missable, so you only have one shot with them.

Hope you get to enjoy the game.
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I think I wasn't around when this was posted, so I haven't seen it before. It looks interesting! I'll try to give it a look sometime this weekend. :)


Sorry for the late reply, WhiteRose. I was kinda busy lately  :^_^':

Anyways, thank you very much. I'll be glad if you can try the game out and tell me what you think about it :)
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i try to get the Elvish Book form BlueLake Town librarian. before i get Library Card  now i get the card try to get it for 2nd time and the book is not there O.O


Ah. Looks like a little error, but I can fix it, RayX1.

Inside the file is an RPGXP Data "Map057"

After you DL it, go to the game's Data folder and then replace the Map057 inside with the new one. After that, you just leave the library through the door and go back inside. It should fix the bug.

In any case, thank you very much for the heads up.
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Well, it's been a long ride but about time I manage to work this out.  :^_^':

If you have been following the game in my deviantart page or the other site, this is Version 1.2.2. This is also going to be the last of Version 1 before moving on to Version 2.

This latest version has little change from version 1.2.1., with only completing Chapter 8. This chapter will conclude the Da'fur Region arc. Also, it has two secret bosses that you can only fight after completing the main story.

I hope you'll enjoy this game.
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Good news, everyone.

Rakenzarn Tales version 2 has finally been released. New link is in the first post or you can get it from this site

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