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Started by Calintz, January 09, 2008, 08:05:13 pm

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Sir if you have time I have a recolor request for you..


A simple recolor of the hair...

thank you :D


hey Calintz. can I get two character sprites?

one of the girl I mentioned before: can i get one of her just walking, and one with her carrying and swinging her sword?

and another of a guy with a literal fire in his eyes, spikey-style black hair, a smirk, and a black zip-jacket over a dark ed shirt, with black pants, and matching shoes.



If Calintz won't do the spikey haired-guy with the fire in his eyes, I will. It sounds like a fun sprite to make.


Maybe I didn't click the search button hard enough, but I ran a search and I couldn't find any winter garb character sprites. So I'm assuming no one's made any, but if they do indeed exist, yell at me and tell me so I can d/l them.


Can Calintz, or anyone who has both time and skill, make some cool fancy winter outfits for XP's character sets? I actually only need a winter outfit for the Hunter 1 set, but I think it'd be rather strange he be the only person smart enough to wear warm clothes during the cold season.

So my request is:

1 Winter outfit for Hunter character.
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ALTHOUGH, a few more NPC's in winter clothing would be extremely helpful and I will be very grateful for any and all effort put into this.

King Munkey

I'm not sure if he is still taking requests or not. But I do believe seeing some Christmas sprites somewhere. Although I am not for sure if that is what you are wanting. I would try my hand at this but I am going on vacation tomorrow morning.

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Lol, christmas sprites!! That's cool.
Anyway, I am going to keep this thread alive. I am finding ways to grab more and more free time throughout the days, so I will start working on requests again very soon.

As for taking new requests. Honestly, just throw 'em in, and I'll work on them when I finally get to them. I go in order.

King Munkey

Sweet. Well then ignore my post before Calintz. I was considering taking requests for sprites. But I may need to improve my skills first and try different things.

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No, no, no.
If you'd like to take requests, by all means, start up your own thread.

King Munkey

Lol I probably plan to. But I want to do more sprites before I do start. And I wanna try different kinds also.

P.S. check your PMs

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Well Calintz, you saw my post. That's my official request.


How modern day are we going Roger??
Are we keeping the old fashioned clothing style, or am I to incorporate modern day clothing and merge it with the old style??


I sorta thought you'd take my lack of direct input as an expression for free form.

Just make it appear well worn,  and don't make it pink mink fur. Oh god lol.


Whenever you get the time here is my request.
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I want 15 Icons based on toys and games.
EX:Rubix Cube
     Fold-up Piano
     Drum Set
     Small Pac-Man Game
These are all Examples of some stuff you can do for the toys.

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June 24, 2009, 01:16:23 am #293 Last Edit: June 24, 2009, 01:18:54 am by Calintz
Hey everyone ...
Sorry for the lack of spriting lately. I have been heavy working on my own project, and I haven't had much spare time.

Anyway, somewhere along the way, I lost track of what's going on in here, so we're gonna get this ball rolling again, and I am giving everyone a chance to be first again. You know the rules ... first come, first serve. Lay down the requests =). I will do my best to go for at least one finished product a week. That seems a little more reasonable with all the time I DON'T have =).

To keep things a tad bit organized ... if you notice that all slots are filled up, please wait until you have noticed some progress until making your request. This will make things easier on me as I won't have to constantly search to find the next requests in line. Thank you, and hit me with your best shot!!

Currently, there are two slots open. Let's fill 'em up!!
As stated earlier, I beg of you ... if all three slots are booked, please check in at a later time for an open positition. Thank you =)


Hey Calintz, can i request a sprite with a ref image that is not colored yet?
If i can then here is the ref pic.


You know, you could just tell him what the colors would be. -.-


June 26, 2009, 06:01:24 am #296 Last Edit: June 26, 2009, 06:19:15 am by computerwizoo7
Good idea, hmm... i wanted to see what he would come up with. anyway i will post the colors ok.

Here it is, base colors:


Okay everyone ...
Hold off on your requests for now.

The slots are filled, and I will begin working on them come Monday.
I wanna relax as much as I can this weekend, I have to work tomorrow, which only gives me one day this week for myself.

Both requests have been accepted.

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