I need help with my game: "The Walking Dead" [NECESSARY]

Started by JamesTerrano, October 31, 2012, 05:59:58 pm

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October 31, 2012, 05:59:58 pm Last Edit: November 06, 2012, 03:24:37 pm by JamesTerrano
Hi, I need help necessarily with my game "The Walking Dead".
I hope someone will help me.
It would be better if the one who will help me knew The Walking Dead, but this is not required... Just adhere to the sample images and it will be fine.

1. Tilesets
I need a city tileset of Atlanta from Walking Dead...
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I need interior and exterior!

Road to Atlanta

Streets of Atlanta, damaged cars, tank in which Rick Grimes hide.
Interior of Atlanta - for shop, roof, hallways, offices, etc.
ALL OTHER PICTURES HERE: http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/Atlanta#Atlanta_in_the_TV_Series

Gas station (not so important)
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I could not find much pictures...
Gas station with damaged cars...

Atlanta Survivor Camp

Vatos Hideout (Atlanta Nursing Home)
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I need interior and exterior!

Other pictures:

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That's all tilesets for now...

2. Characters
I also need Characters. I am not good in creating characters.

Rick Grimes
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hospital clothing


Uniform with hat

Rick on Horse

Morgan Jones and his son Duane
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Special Walkers
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Leon Basset

Crawling Half-Walker (Bicycle Girl)

Jenny Jones

Atlanta Walker

Some ordinary walkers
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At least 5 different zombies (for example 3 male and 2 female)

That's all characters for now... (this is characters only from first episode... i will need more characters later)

3. Scripts
Some Battle System:
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Here are two options.
First: The fight will take place right on the map. Button for attack will be for example X or C.
Second: Battle System remains original of the RMXP ... with one difference. There will be a gunsight that will be controlled by the mouse. The gunsight will slightly move to not focus too easy. When you hit head, the enemy dies. When hit the body, enemy's HP will be reduced (in the case of zombie nothing happens).

Script must be very easy to use or i will not understand it.  :shy:
In the case of the second battle system, it will be necessary to create a "Battle characters"! But even so, the second option sounds more interesting, right?

Some Scripts for Walkers (Zombies):
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First: I need a script that causes that when you get closer to a specific distance, zombie will not notice you.
Second: In the second episode of the Walking Dead, Rick and Glenn on himself smeared remains of zombies in order smelled just like them. So they both walk down the street without zombie attack them. I need a script that would do that in the game ... something like invisibility against zombies...
Third: When some of the main character in the story mode is bitten by a zombie,  he/she dies after some time, which means game over.
In free mode character only dies (without "game over") ... and it would be not bad if he/she came back as a zombie and attacks the player.

Thank you so much for any help.  :)

Edited (November 6, 2012):
When I started making this game, I was doing it every day ...
But now the work is stopped due to lack of graphics ...
I can not pay or some other reward for your help.
I care so much about this game ... after all it's THE WALKING DEAD.
Please tell me at least if someone of you will help me. Otherwise I'll go for help to other forum...
Believe me... no help, no game! And I would kill to complete this game!
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