Helloes, introducing myself as well as my game idea...

Started by leeman27534, November 18, 2012, 12:09:53 pm

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Wow, i can actually see the "new topic" button, cool beans. anyway, i thought i'd come here and post my game idea, so if i ever need to point someone in the direction of my game, as in, what it is about, and what im looking for improvement wise, i can point them somewhere... lets see, where to start...

How about the story!
                                  The Eternal War

        A War is raging in all of existence, a war that every living creature is touched by. In Existence, in all the realms, dimensions, and universes, there is only a finite amount of energy. This is true of all energy types, including the energy of life, Aether. but the aether of Existence is being drained by a creature calling itself 'God'. He has his forces invade realms, and request that they bow to his religion, and devote their lives to his cause, to unite all of existence to his rule. His goal is a unified existence, one that if an action is taken somewhere, immediately a reaction is taken elsewhere, so all of existence is kept fluid, always bending but never breaking. But if his demands are not met, he sends his armies of monsters, to break morale, and force the people to submit. If they still prove resilient, he then sends in the Eternals, creatures incapable of being killed by nearly any means. he does not control all eternals, however, and one eternal can grievously harm another eternal, if unable to kill them. The Grand Servant of the Natural Order, the tree of life Yggdrasil, and her servants are fighting against this 'god' they refer to as "The Nightmare". Yggdrasil's seers portend the entirety of existence unraveling because of Nightmare's actions, and an event only known as the "Cycle" coming askew, an event that keeps all of existence going on.
       Their mystics have a plan, though, take a team of Eternals, led by a special individual, into the heart of Nightmare's territory, and put a stop to his plans. They have foreseen that this individual is the only thing that can stop Nightmare's plans, and end his tyranny over all worlds. But, this individual was a creature from before what is known as reality was created. It has been summoned before, from its prison of Nothingness, where its creator locked it up  after it turned on him, devouring all of its works. When it was summoned, it nearly instantaneously engulfed the entire realm it was summoned to, and fled back into Nothingness. This creature might be a bigger threat than Nightmare, but can it be used for saving everything? Will Nature's agents be successful in their attempts to use some unnatural monstrosity to combat this threat?

Ideas i want in the game, needed scripts, other gimmicks, ect.:

Lets see, now to add some of the ideas for my game... first off, and most importantly to me, the main idea:
     Red= need a script, and possibly help.         Blue= have a script, trying to get it working     
     Orange = i can see a way around this w/o a script being necessary, so i'll probably go that route, unless i get better advice   
      I got the idea done already, just awaits fine tuning a bit.
---The Main character, Lerial, doesn't get many stat points or skills when leveling up. Instead, you'll need to finish off enemies with one of his 'eating' skills, that will disable exp gains and item drops from that enemy, but add stats and some skills that will level up with a certain amount of continuously eating that type of enemy. i want there to be multiple levels of gains as well, like eat 5 of X enemy, get y stat, then x+5 to get y+5 stat, then X+10 to get y+10 stat, then stop there for that enemy, and for the skills to work around the same, instead of a new skill, increased levels in that skill: it gets stronger, add effects, ect.
       I need a blue mage style script that will let me gain a variable (stats, skills) that works with a skill levelling script, and can work on a point based system, like use on 5 enemies exactly for first part, exactly 10 after that for second, ect and opefully the bit about disabling the enemy's exp and money/item drops, but i might just be able to make the enemy disappearing from the fight a final part of the skill, as if they ran away or whatnot...

---Skill leveling and evolution: I want the skills to level from repeated usage, aside for Lerial's, which will increase from more eating of the enemies. also, if you acquire skills in a similar area, sometimes the skills will 'fuse' granting you a new skill, for instance, if greater heal is level 5, and mass heal is level 5, then you will also get a new skill, greater mass heal at level1, whenever the conditions are met. thats just an example, but it works for all characters, even lerial.
(maybe linked to an item tied to commands, like if G.heal is lvl 5, and if mass heal is level 5, teach X G mass heal, then erase that command link from the item's menu afterwards.) that way i could tie other chara's abilities in as well, maybe. dunno.
       I have a script along this line, DerVVulfman skill leveling script, i'll be testing it out later, to see if it works well or not, hopefully it will work out well with the current scripts/any future scripts. also, some way to have passive skills, like for regen states and such, that can be tied to either character or to a piece of equipment.

---three styles of itemcrafting: alchemy, weapon+armor crafting, and demonic fusion. alchemy might be as simple as making potions from items, multicurative items, or potions to deal damage and cause statuses in and out of battle. Weapon and armor crafting is as it sounds, using ores and other items to craft weapons and armor. and demonic fusion, taking some of the intrinsic attributes of different plants and animals and making improved gears out of them, like status resistant armors, accessories, and weapons imbued with multiple sources of elemental and status afflicting abilities. ( this could be as simple as an area for an event, where if you can make said item, it shows you its stats and abilities/effects, and tells you the no. and type of items required, and you say yes. maybe have a workshop with three benches, one for alchemy, one for forging, and one between for the fusions...        I'll look for a script for this, after all, using the fusion to imbue basic armors with permanet stat boosts will take up a lot of inventory spaces, maybe make it so only armors of a certain quality can be imbued, ect. i'd love for it to be like a leather armor + 5 nails = weak tough leather armor, +10 nails a strong leather armor, +40 nails, titan leather armor, but with all the armor + ingredients, it just seems like too much of a strain, so i'll probably give like three classes of armors some basic stat increaser setups, and custom weaponry somewhat. ill say its like something about not all metals can hold these kinds of effects well...

---im thinking of having a elemental as a companion, one that can change into 5 different elements, but not quite sure how to work it out just yet... something like 5 different elementals, all named the same, with different skills... and a skill on the elemental that changes her type outside of battle...dunno how to tie the exp for one to all of them, though...    i dunno if the elemental tie in is doable w/o a script, so maybe i should be using red?

---speaking of the elemental, when lerial hits certain levels, he becomes strong enough to 'summon' parts of himself left behind in the Nothingness, like his elemental life force, given form, or a mechanical spellcaster, some of his ultimate gear, ectera, i think i can script that in fine, so np there.    Dunno why this would req a script, so i should be good.

---Some FF/pokemon esque skill effects, like absorbing hp, mp, % based attacks, ectera, i've got bag skill effects by Trickster (i think he's got some help with the collection, but thats where i started at.) the major things im interested in are the false swipe (hit dont kill the enemy) since lerial, to gain the stats/skill points, needs to land the killing blow with a certain skill, hp/mp absorption, mantra magic, form potion (for the alchemist chara) last stand (less allies = more damage, since using lerial's True Form will sacrifice all allies, but if it loses the fight, instant game over, and you can't revive them in battle, i could neglect that bit, but i like it.) the territory skill (damage and type depends on location, considering two of the charas are 'Nature's servants" this will be a nice touch)   like i said, i already have this script, and even a demo for it to see how it works, its bag skill effects by trickster... very nice one.

---emel changing how some skills react, like a water based healing skill harming a water weak chara, and healing more on a water resistant ally, while a water based attack will do lots more damage to a water weak foe, but potentially heal a water absorbing one, or be nullified by a water neutralizing one.   i think all of this can be done with built in element system, i did test both a water healing skill and a fire healing skill, as well as a water and a fire potion on a water at elem resist f and fire at elem resist a, one healed for 2x what it should have, and one did like 4X in damage, despite being a healing potion/skill, so cool.

I've got some other ideas, but they can wait, these are the more important ones to me, the others i could leave by the wayside and not mind as long as i had these, i would be more than satisfied with my work, and the works of others who contributed...
Sorry if its a little TL:DR...
Working on a game version of an idea me and my friends roleplay, and woulda made a D&D game out of, had we have been into D&D.


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And from the looks of it, I'm probably going to be the one doing some of those script requests of yours. You should make a new topic in the Projects board. This place is more of a "Hi my name is ___ and I am working on ___. blah blah personal information blah".  :roll:

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Welcome to CP (ugh I feel odd typing that....  :bear:), I'm glad to see I'm not the only over-ambitious n00b here ^_^ Good luck on your game; I used to be a QA Tester for Electronic Arts, so if you need a play tester, let me know!


Working on a game version of an idea me and my friends roleplay, and woulda made a D&D game out of, had we have been into D&D.