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Started by Mixxth, January 07, 2013, 12:21:18 am

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Chrono Trigger question, if you never played it then you probably can't answer...
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Okay so I was playing chrono trigger earlier as it's probably one of my most inspiring rpg games... and I noticed a few things, for one...
when crono teleport's for the first time in the festival, he gets teleported into the past, the transition period when he's going back in time
is a rather cool effect, is there a way to mimic this effect in the rmxp? a script for it or a way to use an event... or do I need some weird method
of getting a video file like it and somehow implementing said video into the game... which is above me atm...

Sprite editing question, please re-frame from laughing or trolling as I know I'm setting myself up for it...
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Is there an easy way to take sprites and give animations to them without having to be an artist, such as a program or something, bare with me
I'm asking because I hate trying to edit sprites.. I would like my main sprites to have certain effects such as holding their hands above their heads when
receiving items, or laying down to simulate being knocked out.. ect ect I realize this is probably where artistic value is needed in which case I'm screwed and
am kinda hoping there is a program out there to help me out... please re-frame from saying Photoshop or paint.NET as that's normally a troll move I'd pull off,
except I'm being honest right now I can't edit to save my life... and I'm hoping for a miracle I guess..
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The solution to your first question will probably require a script.  Not sure what would do the trick tho.

There is no easy answer to your second question.  The Chrono Trigger sprites have more individual frames of animation than RM uses.  The default frames are just Walking Animations.  The additional sprites can be completely separate sprite sheets, which don't need to have walk animations.  They can contain additional poses for your characters.  There are event buttons that allow you to change an event or characters sprite during an evented process.

Now finding resources for chrono trigger sprites is as simple as googling.  The sprite sheets that are available on several websites will need to be edited to fit RM formats.  XP is 4 x 4, and VX+ is 4 x 3.  The character graphics themselves dont need to be edited, just copy out the relevant walking animations that you need, and put others into their own Pose sprite sheets.  For example, you can have a Marle sprite sheet where she just walks around.  Then to do cutscenes, swap out her event image and use a different sprite sheet that holds her poses.

Building different custom sprites that have the poses you are referring to is our Holy Grail, and just as elusive.  There are several free Sprite Generators for RM floating around, but to the best of my knowledge, none of them have additional poses other than just default walking animations.  Ive heard of some japanese programs that I think might be able to do poses, but those are not free, and there was no information about those programs supporting additional poses.
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I would be lost without this website lol, that or I would have rage quit years ago, I love the indepth description for that I thank you greatly, the answer was as I feared... pretty much threw it out there hoping my luck worked to my benefit, I'm glad my conscience is cleared, if anyone knows of a script that can make a sweet transition such as that from chrono, I would fricken pay $ for it :O

as for the animations, I know about flipping between char sheets, wasn't to fond of using sprites from commercial games, I don't plan to sell my game but its still weird to me >.> that's why I was hoping I could find a way to change some of the standard ones I have, I may google these paid applications you speak of though, I'm interested.. maybe.

Thanks man :)
Donald Knuth: "I can't go to a restaurant and order food because I keep looking at the fonts on the menu. Five minutes later I realize that it's also talking about food."