[XP] First Person Labyrint Explorer (FPLE)

Started by Various, January 08, 2013, 09:32:49 am

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First Person Labyrint Explorer
Authors: MGC
Version: V1.5
Type: First Person System
Key Term: Custom Environment System


First of all, this is not my script, i just add it because it isnt on the forum yet

this is a first person system made by MGC


  • Supports compatability with H-mode7 (V.1.4.4)

  • Activable only on certain maps

  • Supports forward/backward movement, strafe left/right and 90° rotation

  • Mapping with RMXP editor

  • 4 different resolutions to prevent lag

  • Supports events opacity and blending type


  • This engine is not suited for moving events (it may work though)

  • Idem for animations : launched animations are displayed above all

  • No more than 8 different textures per tileset (8 for walls / 8 for ceiling / 8 for floor)

  • No jump






Floor, walls and ceiling
In the RMXP editor, the first layer represents the floor, the second layer the walls and the third layer the ceiling.
A FPLE tileset has three lines of 8 tiles, and each line must have a corresponding file of textures.
The first line of the tileset is used for the floor, the second line for walls, and the third for the ceiling.
Passages must be set to these values :

The three files of textures that you have to create must be named tileset_name_Ground, tileset_name_Wall and tileset_name_Ceiling (height = 8 * width).
The three must have the same dimensions per tileset.
You can obtain the maximal quality by using 640 * 5120px files (in the demo the textures have a width of 480px).

To activate FPLE mode for a map, add [FPLE] to its name.


Events chraracters are displayed vertically (like walls), centered and always facing the player by default.
Using the "Comment..." event command, you can modify the rendering :
"Type 0" : the character surface always face the player (default value)
"Type 1" : in the RMXP editor's view, the character surface is horizontal. So if the player's direction is up or down in the absolute frame of reference, the surface will be facing the player, and if the direction is left or right, the surface will be rendered like a "side" wall.
"Type 2" : in the RMXP editor's view, the character surface is vertical.
"Stretch" : the picture is stretched to fit a wall's dimensions. This option is set by default if the dimensions of the picture to display are too big.
"V-Align 0" : vertical alignment : top (only if not stretched).
"V-Align 1" : vertical alignment : center - default value (only if not stretched).
"V-Align 2" : vertical alignment : down (only if not stretched).
"D-Align 0", "D-Align 1", "D-Align 2" : depth alignment, only for types 1 and 2, see diagram below.

Technical parameters

The resolution affects the quality of the rendering only during movements.
You can adjust the value in the Game_System class (fple_resolution).

Surfaces are rendered within a fixed distance, arbitrarily defaulted to 6 squares.
You can adjust the default value in the Game_System class (fple_view_distance) or use the event command :
Use lower values to increase performances.

To prevent surfaces popping, a "light" distance specify in how much squares the opacity of surfaces will be null. This fading works with OPACITY : without panorama, as the background is black, surfaces will be darker and darker with the distance.
This fading distance is arbitrarily defaulted to 5 squares. You can adjust the default value in the Game_System class (fple_light_distance) or use the event command :

There are two other events commands that modify progressively this distance (+/- 1) :

This fading effect can be deactivated with a distance value of 0;


Not compatible with any script that modifies the maps

Credits and Thanks

  • 99.9% credits to MGC for making the script

  • 0.1% credits to me for posting it


I did not expect the map itself to perform as well as it did.  Fluid motion, not like the herky jerky pseudo 3D of some old 3D maze roamer games.  The option to go back and forth between 3d and standard XP style is a definite bonus.  I think it would allow for new classic Phantasy Star 1 style games to be created with a bit of effort and talent.
Current Scripts:
Heretic's Moving Platforms

Current Demos:
Collection of Art and 100% Compatible Scripts

(Script Demos are all still available in the Collection link above.  I lost some individual demos due to a server crash.)




no i mean fog :p
panorama is also cool but if you add fog it looks like this

if you add long hallways there is a chance you wont see the end because of the fog, making it perfect for zombie games