[XP] ACE Skill System

Started by bigace, January 31, 2013, 09:37:26 am

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ACE Skill System
Authors: Bigace360
Version: 1.00
Type: ACMS
Key Term: Custom Skill System

This script does not rework the way skills function. This script only reworks the way the Skill Scene appears and what it can be used for. Basically functions as a bridge between many ACE scripts in addition to making all of the skill-related ACE scripts accessible from one common place. Menu searching and surfing can become quite annoying for the player and this script's main purpose is to minimize that annoyance.


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There in the script comment section in the beginning.

Requires Scene_Base
Requires Module RPG::BaseItem

Scripts that may conflict with this Engine are stated in the comments in the "SECTIONS" and "Script Conflicts and Compatability".

Credits and Thanks

  • Bigace360, for the script.

Author's Notes
This system can still grow, if anyone has any ideals to add to it don't hesitate to ask. However remember that your ideal might not make it.

Use Dropbox to upload your files. Much simpler than other upload sites, you can simply place a folder on your desktop that will sync with your DropBox account.