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Started by swan101, February 03, 2013, 12:23:48 am

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I was wondering if at all possible anybody with some free time could help me with a few scripts for my game!
Just recently (about 2 yrs ago) I started a small project, finishing the greasy stuff like storyline and everything I would like to include in my game as well, but I lack the knowledge of a few elements. I'm searching for the following scripts or any reasonable way of doing the tasks....

1. Character Customization. - gender/avatar/hairstlye/color/armour attire/ accesory attire/skin and face tone and style etc..
2. Daily Lottery. - A chance to win some coin in the fashion of any gambling ie.. small lottery/black jack/ Slots etc prize should be a token used in a shop for items.
3. Just kidding two is enough right...

Also anybody who can offer any creative insight or wants to be a part of my project in anyway (graphical,eventing,scripting, etc) all help is welcome from any skill level i could use all the ideas i can get and ill be sure to give the proper credits to anybody who can offer any time and help.

-Thank You


The second can be done through eventing. It's all a matter of using variables and RNGs (and conditional statements to display pictures if necessary). I probably won't come up with one from scratch though.

Also, no one will really join your project if they don't know what it even is. Go and post it on the Projects board. :)

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