Looking for mapper/eventer!

Started by Moshan, August 27, 2011, 01:40:41 pm

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   Hello! I'm looking for a man who can do mapping and eventing for my new project (STARTING FROM ALMOST SCRATCH), named "Warrior Fable". By the way english it's not my main language.... :^_^':


  The story involves a boy who woke up in a world changed by the dark magician named "Wizir", a world known as quiet and monotonous, it's now corrupted and dangerous. He will try to establish the peace in his world trying to destroy the dark magic forever. Among many adventures and quests he succeeded to save his world.
Pretty simple...


  The game will feature:
  - Blizz-ABS (battle system) 8)
  - UMS (message system)
  - Many Blizz-ABS addons
  - Quest Book (with many sidequests)
  - Many monsters
  - Tons of Addons
  - Custom Menu

  I need a man for mapping/eventing. In return you may add your own ideas to the game. 

  If you're interested with this game project, please reply.



  Special thanks to the people who made the following scripts that I'm using for the game:

  - Blizzard
  - game_guy
  - Zeriab
  - Landith
  - Winkio
  - LiTTleDRAgo
  - TerreAqua
  - CCoa
  - Nathmatt
  - ForeverZer0
  - Fantasist, NAMKCOR, Zan
  - I hope I did not forget anyone


I could take this position if you still need it.