[RMXP] Brand New Game? Help needed.

Started by Seltzer Cole, March 22, 2013, 11:05:24 am

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Seltzer Cole

I am looking to recruit some people in creating a new game. I have little to no experience with scripts other then how to put a script into the script database. I much prefer creating graphics and eventing things.

I am not sure what type of game it would be and would like to discuss it with whoever joins me. Working together would produce a game much faster. I was thinking maybe a harvest moon based game or even a deserted island survival game. I wouldn't mind creating an RPG ABS but one thing I can't stand with the RPG's people create now is the typical damsel in distress rescue me or go to this town to this dungeon style RPGs.

But whatever the case, if you would like to create a fun game with me, PM me or reply to this topic. I have icons/screenshots of my pixel work I could show you also. I am open to many idea's, just need people who are down to produce something, Thanks.
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