Maze-LikeCave Tutorial

Started by Irock, January 11, 2008, 05:13:00 pm

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Maze-LikeCave Tutorial
This tutorial will teach you how to make a maze-like cave.

I made this a long time ago, so it isn't very good.


  • Rpg Maker XP

  • Semi-skilled knowledge in mapping

Cave Floor
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First, put down the cave floor tile using the flood fill tool. Make sure this is on the 1st layer.

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Make an entrance to the cave. This will be using the cave wall tiles. Make sure this is on the 3rd layer.

Cave Walls
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Put down the cave walls. Make it look nice and random. It's helpful to plan this out on a sheet of paper or in paint. Caves consist of random pathways leading to different places. Make sure this is on the 3rd layer.

Fill in the blanks
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Fill in the areas that you shouldn't be able to walk on outside of the cave wall. Use the flood fill tool and make sure it's on the 3rd layer.

Auto Tiles
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Next, put down cave auto tiles where they seem right. These make your cave look more realistic. Make sure they are on the first layer.

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Now, lets place down objects around the cave. Make sure that they fit in.

If you're trying to make a taller object overlap a wall tile you'll end up with this..

It got rid of part of the wall! Don't worry, just go onto the second layer and replace the wall tile.

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Finally, place down any light tiles next to holes that lead into the day.

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Here are the final results in gameplay.

Other example of this style
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Final Notes

  • There are many styles of making caves, this is only one of them.

  • Nature is random. Don't make your caves square.


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Nice tute, I like the result caves :)
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hey would you mind if i used used that cave in the last pic my game? ???
im really lazy  ;D and i hate doing caves.

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