Battle Erasing Image and BGM [RPGXP]

Started by Elevenius, March 21, 2013, 04:25:41 pm

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Hello there.  This is a small two-in-one question, but I have a small issue.  I have an event set to show an image, and then I wanted that to segway straight into battle. I was finally able to get this to work, by setting the image to "Move" to 0 opacity at the same time as the Battle Processing begins, causing it to fade straight to battle.  However, after the battle ends, the picture still flashes for one second before the map appears.  Does anyone know why this might be?

Also, is there anyway to carryover the BGM music from the map, uninterrupted into battle? I'm using the latest SDK if that matters.  Thank you.


If I remember right, you simply have to set the map BGM as battle BGM and it will carry over.

In order to make the battle transition work, use a command set like this:

- show picture
- prepare transition (freezes the screen actually)
- remove picture
- start battle

This will keep the image displayed for the transition while it's actually removed in the background.
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