Undeclared(first use in function) C++

Started by Zexion, April 02, 2013, 05:49:43 pm

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Okay, so today in class we were doing some in-class activity along with the teacher. She told us exactly what to type and blah blah. I did what she said and I got this error that a variable was undeclared. The variable is defined in the header file that we made. Do I have to declare it again in the main()? I don't know if she did, so I might be doin it rong guys


are you sure the Header file was included in the cpp file?
Code: cpp
#include 'myheader.h'

was at the top of the file
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Yeah, since it was due yesterday, I just made a cheap fix by re-declaring them in the main file, but I did have the header file defined at the top. I'd like to fix this though because I'm sure it will keep happenning in the future D: