[Java] I Swallowed My Arrow Key - Taking repetitive questing to the next level

Started by wingish, April 30, 2013, 03:16:33 am

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"I Swallowed My Arrow Key" is a timed hack and slash game where you must complete randomly-generated objectives to keep your timer from running out. It's also our Ludum Dare 26 entry!

Check it out on Ludum Dare: Here

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How to Play
The objective is to play as long as possible by completing quests. You begin with 30 seconds on the timer, and your time will increased as you complete the quests. When the timer hits 0 the game ends.

Windows: http://downloads.sle...mak_windows.zip
Linux: http://downloads.sle...ismak_linux.zip
OS/X: http://downloads.sle...k/ismak_mac.zip


Max characters: 2000; characters remaining: 1952