Looking for/to start a RMXP development team!

Started by swick, May 21, 2013, 06:42:50 pm

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Hey all! My name's Swick and I'm skilled in a variety of areas such as music, mapping, graphics, eventing, story writing, etc. Only thing I don't like doing is pixel art, spriting, tilesets, etc.

I wish to start a new game, preferably in a dark medieval/fantasy style, maybe even some steampunk, but I'm open to anything really. I would also prefer it to have all custom content, as in music, sprites, tiles, etc. So I'm looking for a spriter/tileset artist who can help with mapping, story writing, and other stuff if they wish. I would like keep this team to maybe like 2-3 people. Maybe 4 if it's really necessary.

I'm looking for talented, commited team members. If you wish to join the team, I would like to see examples of your past works. If you wish to see the same of me, just ask! PM me, or reply to the thread if you are interested.