[For hire] Tileset creation, Sprite, Logo, Webdesign, Website

Started by Skaaz, February 05, 2013, 10:56:25 am

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Hi, first of all, really sorry for my spelling, I'm French.
I Skaaz, creator of the French Network and DoMoon MMORPG project Shinobi Art. My true identity, I call Zack and I am independent game developer for about 5 years. I worked on many projects, I create multiple RTP tilesets Like, Full-Custom and even entirely Pixel-Art, since I do a lot of pixel art, I do not, I like the graphics.
I speak English moyenement and I already work with English, American, Italian, German.
My website is not updated yet, so I will redirect you to my deviantART, besides do not hesitate to me watcher.

(You can click on the images folders on the left side for neigh.)

So, regarding the 2D graphics, I can do absolutely everything, I create tilesets, sprites, logos, images, I can even make the webdesign of your site or even create whole. Finally, do not hesitate to ask me questions.

Of course, I do not do all this for free, I would ask for a small fee.

Thank you contact me preferably via deviantART, email or Skype.

DeviantART: http://zewiskaaz.deviantart.com/
Email: z.skaaz @ gmail.com
Skype: sheeka.dm



How much do you charge for running, jumping etc XP char sets?